Tuesday, 29 May 2012


 How eat.st has transformed our lunch hours.

No longer grabbed, pre-prepared sandwiches from clinical establishments. Now, a jaunty walk to the back of King’s Cross, a chat with our favourite stall holders, people watch the latest fashions at St Martins and a waddle back to our desks at St Luke’s.

eat.st boasts some of the best street food in London, with an eclectic range of stalls to choose from. Here’s a snapshot of a few of our favourites, with commentary from our resident Masterchef star JD:

The Ribman

A legend in his own right and star of both eat.st and Brick Lane, you can also purchase his homemade ‘Holy Fuck’ and ‘Christ on a Bike’ hot sauces.

JD says, “Huge fan of Mark’s – showing what happens with passion and dedication to do one thing exceptionally well. Be careful with the hot sauce though...”


The boys behind Homeslice have built their own mobile wood-fired oven, enabling them to pop up in garden pubs across London such as the White Horse on Hoxton Street.
JD: “How can you not love guys who bring their own pizza oven to the street? All freshly prepared and wafer-thin bases cooked to crispy perfection. Their chorizo and rocket is an absolute winner.”

Anna Maes
Purveyors of wonderful southern-style macaroni cheese with a range of delicious toppings.
JD: “Utter comfort food – Mac N Cheese topped with BBQ pulled pork is true happiness in a small styrofoam bowl.”
Part two to follow next week.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Take a look at our new Strongbow ad which launched this week. The track is by The Heavy and is called 'How you like me now'.