Thursday, 7 May 2015

New faces at St Luke's

It has been a busy couple of months at St Luke’s. We’ve welcomed five new lovely people into the fold over the past few weeks: 2 planners (Hannah and Rachel), a creative team (Laura and Claire) and a new intern (Mary).

While they're settling in at their new desks, we thought we'd probe a bit and get the obligatory group photo!


from left to right Laura, Mary, Hannah, Claire, Rachel

Where have you joined us from?

Claire and Laura: Grey Possible.

Mary: Temporarily working at KitCattNohr.

Hannah: RKCR/Y&R as a planner working on Danone and Land Rover.

Rachel: Elvis.

What creative work has got your attention at the moment?

Laura: Three’s #HolidaySpam campaign.

Mary: Carlsberg spoof of the ‘beach body ad’. I thought it was well executed- even made me smile.

Claire: Creative pre rolls from GEICO.

Hannah: Uber Rush, where they’re planning on getting drivers to multitask their regular taxi service with same-day goods deliveries at no extra charge. Will be interesting to see if and how it works but it’s a genius idea to grow their service and undercut competitors.

Rachel: I’m loving the ‘this girl can’ campaign for Sport England- they hit exactly the right tone, inclusive and inspiring, makes me want to get my running shoes on!

Tell us something amusing about yourself (nothing work related please!)

Laura: I once sang for the Queen in a choir when I was 10.

Claire: I’m a descendant from a Victorian circus family.

Mary: I like trying to fit into small spaces. Personal best is a washing machine, the kind you find in launderette.

Hannah: I wish I was more gangsta. I used to have a bad habit of shaving a slit in my eyebrow when I got drunk and can rap all the words to Jay Z and Lil Wayne – A Billie.

Rachel: I like hula hooping... will that do?

Friday, 1 May 2015

Win your summer fantasy with Very!

With wet weather forecast for this bank holiday weekend, here at St Luke’s we really #cantwaitforsummer. So to help ease the anticipation, this week we launched our Summer Fantasy Generator for Very! Built for Facebook, the content gives you the chance to win your perfect summer holiday, by spinning and sharing your favourite scenario with friends.

The social activity was developed by St Luke’s to support our “#cantwaitforsummer” campaign for Very, with our latest 20" TV ad also going live last week. Play the game to have a chance of winning your fantasy holiday – it should make the wait a little easier!