Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Free music thanks to amazing response to our Step Into Christmas ad for Very!

First thing to say is thank you! We have been blown away by the response to our Christmas ad for Very, which has seen their social channels buzzing with positive feedback on the style and story of the ad. However, by far the most commented about feature of the ad is the music.

Music is an integral part of every Very TV ad we have made in the past couple of years, and this year Christmas campaign has been no exception. We have been inundated with comments on YouTube and Twitter asking who the track is by and where people can get their hands on it.

The track was composed especially for this ad, by an artist who goes under the name of Beuys Toys and the track is called Thimbles.

The great news is you can now own this track for yourself for FREE as it is available to download off the Very blog site and check out the ad again here.

Tell your friends, share the love!

Merry (early) Christmas from the Very team!


Monday, 10 November 2014

The Littlewoods Touch makes Christmas wishes come true

As the nation’s children start scouring the internet for that perfect toy to top their wish list our latest Christmas advert shows how The Littlewoods Touch can make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true.
This year we take our inspiration from one of the most important parts of any Christmas, the family trip to the Panto. We see as a family inadvertently step into the world of an Aladdin pantomime which gets transformed by the genie, played by Myleene, as she spreads the magic of The Littlewoods Touch.
As well as Myleene Klass we also have an appearance from Pantomime legend Christopher Biggins who expertly plays the roll of the dame.
You can watch the full 40” advert here which was directed by Michael Gracey with the help of the great team at Partizan. To learn a bit more about how it was made watch the behind the scenes film here which was made by our in-house director.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Step into Christmas in Style with Very.co.uk

The time of year is upon us. Bonfire night has passed, coffee shops bring out their festive red cups, and the Christmas ads start to hit our TV screens thick and fast.

Last night saw the launch of our first 60" spot for Very.co.uk, in what is forecast to be their biggest Christmas ever! We shot this ad back in September after a long and detailed pre-production process which saw us overseeing the making of giant props and green screens so that our cast, including Fearne Cotton, could look like miniature versions of themselves who come to life out of a fashion magazine.

They frolic about the house in awe and wonder of the joys Christmas is bringing, and the fashion, gifts and electricals they find themselves surrounded by which they use to equip their adventure.

It was fantastic to work with legendary directors Traktor, and the talented teams at Partizan on this spot, which also has a 30" and 10" cutdown.

Check out the ad here if you haven't caught it yet, and if you feel like getting a closer look at how we made the ad, make sure you check out the Behind the Scenes mockumentary film we shot on set with our in-house director.

We'd love to hear what you think - Tweet us @stlukescomms and use the hashtag #biggestchristmasyet.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dan publishes essay in Marketing and Campaign

Our MD and Planning Director Dan Hulse, has yet again been busy writing articles for industry press, and has just been published as one of the writers in a series of essays entitled 'Applied Thinking', which feature in Marketing Magazine and Campaign.

Dan's piece, entitled 'Unity,' focuses on the desire for Marketing Directors to create change within their corporations, who all too often prioritise the short term changes that can occur during their tenure, rather than striving for strategic long term changes which can fundamentally improve and grow their brands and businesses.

Dan explains that through unity with their internal teams, and agencies as key strategic partners, Marketing Directors can really change their businesses and create impactful communications which drive further and deeper than creating ads, but mould the whole business from the inside out. Citing that really the most impactful audience is the internal one, and that unity as a business and with their partner agency on board too, real change can be realised. This reflects the work Dominos and Currys have carried out with their brands, but also the projects we have implemented with our Majestic Wine client at St Luke's, and the projects we continue to strive for as we set Agendas for our clients to allow them to outmanoeuvre their competition.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


We have a four-week internship up for grabs, for an enthusiastic person who is keen to learn more about advertising. It is a fantastic opportunity where you will experience the day-to-day functioning of a creative agency working across a range of clients and media, and understand how all the parts of an agency come together as a whole.

If you think this could be you, please send in your CV to recruitment@stlukes.co.uk with the subject line of “internship” and we will be in touch.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Another new face joins the team

This week we’re saying hello to another new face as Dominique Morgan joins the account management team to become Account Director on Strongbow.

Dominique joins us after four years at McCann where she worked on the L’Oreal account. She is looking forward to working on an alcohol brand as it's an area that she takes keen interest in!

We are very pleased to welcome a lovely, smiley new face to the St Luke’s team.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Starcabs pull up in Piccadilly

To mark the October activation of the Heineken Starcab activity we took over the new ultra bright LED site One Piccadilly. The animation which ran on the eve of the activity was designed to raise awareness of the Starcabs which take Londoners out of their comfort zone and help them discover a new part of London.

The next activation of the Starcabs is Saturday 1st November so to find out where you catch one check here.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The St Luke's Ox gets a makeover

He's been welcoming visitors to the agency for as long as most of us here can remember, so we felt it was about time our Ox mascot got a bit of well-deserved TLC!

Over the past few weeks he's had the equivalent of a facelift and tan. His new skin now literally glowing, as his illuminated colour switches from blue to a purpley pink and shades in between, fitting right in with the bright colour scheme we've now got running throughout the agency.

I think it's safe to say, he's hanging more proudly than ever and loving the attention!

St Luke's works with Heineken to Open London

So how was your weekend? A question which is loved by nervous Tinder users  and uninspiring colleagues alike. We all love to think that we can answer this question with an elaborate tale full of unsuspected twists and turns. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that using a wide range of Instagram filters in one day doesn't really count as an adventurous weekend. Given that we live in one the world's greatest cities it's a real shame that most of us live life so comfortably within our boundaries.

This is why Heineken has launched its Cities of the World campaign which is working to get Londoners to open their city and explore a new side of the capital. The campaign will be live in print, OOH and online until the end of the year. A key part of this campaign is the Starcabs which will be running adventurous Heineken drinkers from their local to a great bar in one of London's "villages". The campaign focuses on seven of these villages which feature though-out the campaign. These are Balham, Brixton, Clapham, Shoreditch, Angel, Camden and Notting Hill.

On the first Saturday of every month (that’s right, it’s nearly the first Saturday of October!) Heineken customers will be given the chance to win a free cab ride in a Heineken Starcab. All they need to do is buy a Heineken at one of the selected star bars and enter the code they receive. Customers will then be alerted via text whether or not they are a winner. The lucky winners will then whisked away by a secretive taxi driver who will only give them intriguing clues to their destination. Once they have arrived at their destination they will be greeted with cold Heineken and a map to help them discover the best bits of their new area. 

To find out where you can catch a Starcab and see more of the campaign visit the Startreament page here.

Monday, 22 September 2014

New faces at St Luke's

We've got two lovely new faces at St Luke's who have joined the account management team over the past couple of weeks.

Harriet (right)  has joined as an account manager from Publicis Chemistry, and has hit the ground running by joining the Strongbow team, as well as working on a pitch before she starts work on her other accounts. Am (left) has joined us from RKCR/Y&R as an Account Director and will be working joining the Littlewoods and Sunny teams, amongst others.

We're delighted to have them on board as fab additions to the St Luke's family.

Friday, 12 September 2014

It’s a Sunny kinda end to the summer

We’re delighted to finally announce that Sunny, a financial services brand recently launched in the UK, have appointed us as their creative agency, to position their brand as a challenger to the turbulent payday loan market.

Sunny’s parent company, Elevate, develop innovative online credit solutions that provide immediate financial relief to customers, and also help them to build a brighter financial future for themselves.

The great thing about Sunny is, that even though they’re in the very topical, and (let’s be honest) pretty controversial business of providing short-term, high-cost credit, their products are more responsible, transparent and most importantly cost less than the alternatives available to the millions of consumers who have been poorly served by traditional credit providers.

We’re going full steam ahead on creating a TV ad and digital campaign to position Sunny as a staunch challenger in this market. There’s a feeling that we’re on a mission to create a stir in the industry with the ‘short term credit account’ and Sunny’s key product features, which reward responsible customers with lower rates for making timely payments.

The need for short-term credit in the UK is one which won’t go away, but the more we can do to ensure the cost to the consumer isn’t extortionate, the better.

Sunny have saved their customers a remarkable £3.2 million in the past year, and with a clear new strategy and creative work, we’re hoping to keep pushing this figure up.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

St Luke’s productions take a bow

We’ve tended to keep it a little bit on the down-low before, but we’ve got a rather talented director/editor in our midst at St Luke’s (he goes by the name of Si Allen) who heads up St Luke’s Productions, our in-house production company.

Previous St Luke’s productions have included work for Strongbow, Majestic and Mooncup, as well as music videos for Paloma Faith, and a start-up t-shirt brand Blackmail. However, the latest brief to come through the door was something altogether different…

Knopka is a Russian business service, which is unique not only to Russia and the UK, but to the world, as it’s the first business service to combine accountancy, legal support and admin support online, providing an all-round offering which is invaluable to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

We worked with Michael Wolff and NB studios on the branding and design for Knopka, and then developed the creative concept for the online films, which are designed to demonstrate Knopka’s understanding of the unique mindset of an entrepreneur.

Each spot features a ‘spectral’ girl who arrives mysteriously and talks to individual entrepreneurs. The little girl is fantastic, and a bit creepy in all honesty…In one spot she suddenly appears in an office late at night and says, “you work too hard, you must have a horrible boss” while she stares him out. The entrepreneur replies, “I am the boss”, before the girl disappears again.

This was all shot on location, which also conjured up some interesting stories. The original location for the car park film (image above) was Chetanova, and when the team asked for the English translation were told it’s “where the devil sleeps.” Maybe that was a lucky escape!

The films will run online - targeted at Moscow based entrepreneurs - from July but make sure you check them out online at let us know what you think @stlukescomms.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


One Facebook user recently commented, “what has this got to do with Strongbow?” after seeing a picture of an apple on the Strongbow fan page.   Well, Gareth Jones* from Dorset, there are, in fact, over a billion British apples used in the production of Strongbow every year. It’s this insight which is at the core of Strongbow’s latest ad, Bittersweet. This 40” spot works to remind consumers about all of the hard work which the farmers of Herefordshire put into growing their apples. 

 It is the unique bittersweet flavor of these apples which gives Strongbow it’s crisp, sharp and refreshing taste. This divided palette has given inspiration to the art direction of the ad, as through-out the majority of the advert we see both the bitter and sweet side of the British apple farming process. We see the hard working farmer fight through the cold, wet and snow one side of the screen, while on the other side the same farmer is seen striding around his sun bathed farm as we follow the apple’s journey from the tree into the glass.

This was a particularly exciting project for St Luke’s as it allowed us to get to the roots of Strongbow’s business and heritage  as well as utilise ground breaking cinematography. It is the use of the never seen before 3D technique along with soundtrack which makes this ad so distinctive and memorable. Watch the ad here.

*not his real name

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

St Luke's helps Boris fix renting in London

As London house prices continue to rise at an unprecedented rate Londoners are now faced with being in the rental market longer than ever before. This is part of the reason why the Mayor of London asked St Luke's to help launch the new London Rental Standard.

This new scheme aims to help tenants in London by ensuring that landlords reach a basic set of standards, it also educates landlords and estate agents to make sure they are aware of their rights.

The work, which appears in print, digital and OOH challenges tenants and landlords on their knowledge of the rental market by questioning them on topics such home maintenance and average deposit costs.

We hope that the work will help Londoners avoid a few cold showers over the next few years!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Brit boys take on Brazilian girls in The Strongbow Rio Challenge

In every football match, be it a World Cup final or a Sunday league wooden spoon playoff there is a form sheet of some sort. Something that helps the fans pick a favorite based on recent form, the history of the club or star players.

So this summer, we’re asking Strongbow fans to pick between teams of a different kind: amateur Brit boys vs pro Brazilian girls – who has what it takes to win.

We know the boys team HMNB Portsmouth are good at their game, as they came out top in our Strongbow Rio Challenge trial day but how would they fare taking on one of the best female Brazilian teams: Vasco, in their home country?  With players who previously competed in World Cup and Olympic games, the girls certainly had the skill and footballing finesse but would the power and strength of the boys overrule?

The boys team, made up of the five players from HMNB Portsmouth and three subs as voted for by social media, all flew out to Rio in May to face a grueling training schedule ahead of the final challenge. To give these enthusiastic amateurs a chance against some of Brazil’s finest, they where put through their paces on the girl’s home sand by their coaching team, Chris Kamara and Janio Cruz. Their training covered all areas of the game including a tour of the favelas to understand how some of the world’s greatest players built up the physiological strength needed to reach the peak of their game.

Once training was complete, the final challenge showdown took place when the boys took on the ladies team against the backdrop of Rio’s iconic skyline. Could the boys live up to their talk? Did these amateurs have what it takes to beat a pro women’s team? Watch their full story on: youtube.com/strongbow where you can watch all the content in this St Luke’s led campaign.