Wednesday, 11 February 2015

It’s a “New Dawn,” it’s a new day, for

Today, we launch the new integrated campaign for It’s our first above the line campaign for the brand since we won the account mid-2014. It goes by the name of ‘New Dawn’ and we’re excited for it to finally be revealed. The first brand TV spot goes live after Emmerdale tonight, on ITV, between 7.25 and 7.30pm. 

It’s fair to say we’ve come up against a few obstacles throughout the development of this campaign - but this is to be expected when you count Wonga in your competitive set, and the industry itself is in the midst of upheaval and regulation from the FCA ensuring that all lenders adhere to strict, new rules to ensure consumers don’t find themselves in serious financial difficulties.

The fortunate thing was, Sunny’s product already adhered to most of these regulations, so the introduction of the rate cap meant the business would be one of the very small proportion of lenders who could still survive. The resolve from the client and the St Luke’s team has been hardy, and we have created a set of ads that we are proud of, and believe stand up strong in setting a new agenda in the short-term credit industry.

The campaign launches our line ‘Tomorrow will be Sunny’ and positions Sunny as a stepping-stone to a brighter financial future.

The TV ads feature a launch ‘Manifesto’ ad to introduce the brand, and two further spots showing how a Sunny loan can help their customers overcome common challenges in every day life, such as Nick and Zoe who are a young couple moving house and Ben, a market trader running his own business. The ads were all shot on location, and the stories are based on insight from research.

To launch the campaign internally at the client’s offices today we organised barmen to go over to their 2 sites and make juicy Sunny mocktails, and sent some delicious branded cupcakes to go with them.

Looks like a lot of fun! Hope there are some leftovers…!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Mark Denton inspires St Luke's

Excitement hit St Lukes on Thursday evening as the agency prepared for the much anticipated talk from advertising legend Mark Denton. Champagne and Heineken (naturally!) were flowing as clients and the man himself arrived. Rocking a checked suit from his clothing label (one of Marks many projects) he took to the front of the audience and after battling a few minor technical difficulties, the talk began. 

We don't want to give too much away, should he come to an agency near you soon, but we were taken on a whirlwind journey of Mark's extensive advertising career. From 7 year old Mark watching his first really memorable TV ad to setting up his own agency and winning numerous awards. Utterly engrossed faces stared up at Mark as we were transported through chapter after chapter of his incredible career, all the while keeping us laughing throughout.

A particular favourite moment came when Mark talked about his most memorable experience with his clairvoyant, Claire from Catford, and the champagne bottle next to him popped its corked completely unaided. This added an even greater sense of mystique around an already mystical part of his talk. Mark has assured us this wasn't set up but we suggested adding it in for future talks! 

It was a highly entertaining talk that has us all gripped from start to finish. Everyone left with something useful to take with them into the advertising world and a new found interest in all things clairvoyant. 

Friday, 6 February 2015


Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly… Raspberry is getting ready to go out with Dark Chocolate, and Toffee and Sea Salt are about to embark on a romantic weekend away…

While those love struck couples are falling head over heels about each other in anticipation of the big day, we at St Luke’s are anticipating a big day of a different kind….the launch of our new Divine print campaign which goes live today!

With so many different brand and flavours of chocolate to try, we wanted to bring to life Divine’s unique flavours by giving them their own personalities. The press ads show the different ingredients in the chocolate meet and fall in love, highlighting what a great match the flavours are together and how irresistible they will taste.

The new campaign line “a love that grows” not only highlights the love you experience for Divine when you try their range of flavours but also reflects the bigger story behind the brand. As a Fairtrade leader and pioneer, they are the only chocolate company that is co-owned by the cocoa farmers themselves – meaning that the farmers are committed and passionate about making the very best chocolate. Their motto “Pa-pa-pa”, meaning “the best of the best” epitomises this virtuous cycle that keeps on improving.

There are so many layers to be discovered within this inspiring organisation, I urge you to dig deeper into the Divine story whilst enjoying one of their 13 mouth watering flavours.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

St Luke’s help Heineken to Unlock London

There are 7,382 pubs, 17,883 restaurants and 4 circus schools in the capital and most Londoners won’t set foot in the vast majority of them. With so many venues on offer it’s easy to understand why Londoners can be paralyzed by the choices on offer and end up sticking with what they know. In an effort to help make the most of the world’s most interesting city we have worked with Heineken to produce the A-Z of Unlocking London which will run as a Metro cover wrap.

The content helps Londoners discover hidden bars, get into preview film screenings and visit the hottest restaurants on the day they open. As well as listing out some of the most interesting and unique venues the wrap is full of interesting facts such as how you can use a satellite dish to find your way home. This engaging content is bought to life by the intricate illustrations of Toby Triumph.
If you miss out on picking up this handy pocket guide on Wednesday 17th January then the content will be shared online over the coming months.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Jumper Day raises the big bucks

Watch out Christmas Day, you’re facing a threat who is rapidly stealing all your thunder. Christmas Jumper Day is gaining so much hype every year that its importance in the calendar could soon take over Christmas!  The nation has really gone nuts with Christmas jumpers – with the new rule being the-more-revolting-the-better.

Naturally we all got on board, and donned our favourite festive number while fundraising over £700 for Save the Children.

In the spirit of fundraising for a good cause, we got sweaty in our Christmas Jumpers and got festively plump from the annual bake sale.  

A Blind Cider tasting served a dual purpose of aiding and abetting the brownie gluttons whilst also ensuring all St Luker’s really can identify the Bittersweet taste of Strongbow and the sweet joy of Old Mout – luckily the results were mostly positive!

Lastly, our first Silent Auction was held where lots of (ahem) premium prizes were up for grabs… including having our lovely CEO Neil as your Tea slave, a week of gourmet lunch, an extra half day of holiday, and a personal agenda-setting-idea with the mystic Dan and Rose.  Sadly people also donated far too much to keep me silent for a day! Congratulations to Save the Children on another record breaking year! #Xmasjumperday

Friday, 12 December 2014


The fairy lights are twinkling and the turkeys are looking nervous. Christmas is unmistakingly approaching. Every child in the country is busy scribbling away trying to create the ultimate Christmas list to ensure all their wishes come true on the most magical Thursday morning of the year.

Myleene has once again harnessed the power of The Littlewoods Touch and is using it to grant Christmas wishes for the whole family in her role as the genie. Our Aladdin themed campaign has stepped out of the TV and on to the high street as Littlewoods helps Christmas shoppers’ wishes come true.

The activity, which kicked off in Liverpool, invites families to rub the magic lamp and hopefully win some of their wishes. Those who are brave enough to take a ride on the magic carpet will also be able to see their adventure featured on key media placements across the city.