Wednesday, 17 December 2014

St Luke’s help Heineken to Unlock London

There are 7,382 pubs, 17,883 restaurants and 4 circus schools in the capital and most Londoners won’t set foot in the vast majority of them. With so many venues on offer it’s easy to understand why Londoners can be paralyzed by the choices on offer and end up sticking with what they know. In an effort to help make the most of the world’s most interesting city we have worked with Heineken to produce the A-Z of Unlocking London which will run as a Metro cover wrap.

The content helps Londoners discover hidden bars, get into preview film screenings and visit the hottest restaurants on the day they open. As well as listing out some of the most interesting and unique venues the wrap is full of interesting facts such as how you can use a satellite dish to find your way home. This engaging content is bought to life by the intricate illustrations of Toby Triumph.
If you miss out on picking up this handy pocket guide on Wednesday 17th January then the content will be shared online over the coming months.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Jumper Day raises the big bucks

Watch out Christmas Day, you’re facing a threat who is rapidly stealing all your thunder. Christmas Jumper Day is gaining so much hype every year that its importance in the calendar could soon take over Christmas!  The nation has really gone nuts with Christmas jumpers – with the new rule being the-more-revolting-the-better.

Naturally we all got on board, and donned our favourite festive number while fundraising over £700 for Save the Children.

In the spirit of fundraising for a good cause, we got sweaty in our Christmas Jumpers and got festively plump from the annual bake sale.  

A Blind Cider tasting served a dual purpose of aiding and abetting the brownie gluttons whilst also ensuring all St Luker’s really can identify the Bittersweet taste of Strongbow and the sweet joy of Old Mout – luckily the results were mostly positive!

Lastly, our first Silent Auction was held where lots of (ahem) premium prizes were up for grabs… including having our lovely CEO Neil as your Tea slave, a week of gourmet lunch, an extra half day of holiday, and a personal agenda-setting-idea with the mystic Dan and Rose.  Sadly people also donated far too much to keep me silent for a day! Congratulations to Save the Children on another record breaking year! #Xmasjumperday

Friday, 12 December 2014


The fairy lights are twinkling and the turkeys are looking nervous. Christmas is unmistakingly approaching. Every child in the country is busy scribbling away trying to create the ultimate Christmas list to ensure all their wishes come true on the most magical Thursday morning of the year.

Myleene has once again harnessed the power of The Littlewoods Touch and is using it to grant Christmas wishes for the whole family in her role as the genie. Our Aladdin themed campaign has stepped out of the TV and on to the high street as Littlewoods helps Christmas shoppers’ wishes come true.

The activity, which kicked off in Liverpool, invites families to rub the magic lamp and hopefully win some of their wishes. Those who are brave enough to take a ride on the magic carpet will also be able to see their adventure featured on key media placements across the city.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

We're in the charts!

After over 33,000 downloads (and counting) of the Thimbles track by Beuys Toys from our Very ad, we have successfully made it into the Top 30 of the Official Indie Chart this week.

Thanks to everyone that's downloaded and shared the track, we're beyond delighted that it's been so popular!

If you haven't downloaded it yet, do so here and let's see if we can get this to climb up the chart!

Keep your thoughts coming @stlukescomms, we love to hear what you think.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Free music thanks to amazing response to our Step Into Christmas ad for Very!

First thing to say is thank you! We have been blown away by the response to our Christmas ad for Very, which has seen their social channels buzzing with positive feedback on the style and story of the ad. However, by far the most commented about feature of the ad is the music.

Music is an integral part of every Very TV ad we have made in the past couple of years, and this year Christmas campaign has been no exception. We have been inundated with comments on YouTube and Twitter asking who the track is by and where people can get their hands on it.

The track was composed especially for this ad, by an artist who goes under the name of Beuys Toys and the track is called Thimbles.

The great news is you can now own this track for yourself for FREE as it is available to download off the Very blog site and check out the ad again here.

Tell your friends, share the love!

Merry (early) Christmas from the Very team!


Monday, 10 November 2014

The Littlewoods Touch makes Christmas wishes come true

As the nation’s children start scouring the internet for that perfect toy to top their wish list our latest Christmas advert shows how The Littlewoods Touch can make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true.
This year we take our inspiration from one of the most important parts of any Christmas, the family trip to the Panto. We see as a family inadvertently step into the world of an Aladdin pantomime which gets transformed by the genie, played by Myleene, as she spreads the magic of The Littlewoods Touch.
As well as Myleene Klass we also have an appearance from Pantomime legend Christopher Biggins who expertly plays the roll of the dame.
You can watch the full 40” advert here which was directed by Michael Gracey with the help of the great team at Partizan. To learn a bit more about how it was made watch the behind the scenes film here which was made by our in-house director.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Step into Christmas in Style with

The time of year is upon us. Bonfire night has passed, coffee shops bring out their festive red cups, and the Christmas ads start to hit our TV screens thick and fast.

Last night saw the launch of our first 60" spot for, in what is forecast to be their biggest Christmas ever! We shot this ad back in September after a long and detailed pre-production process which saw us overseeing the making of giant props and green screens so that our cast, including Fearne Cotton, could look like miniature versions of themselves who come to life out of a fashion magazine.

They frolic about the house in awe and wonder of the joys Christmas is bringing, and the fashion, gifts and electricals they find themselves surrounded by which they use to equip their adventure.

It was fantastic to work with legendary directors Traktor, and the talented teams at Partizan on this spot, which also has a 30" and 10" cutdown.

Check out the ad here if you haven't caught it yet, and if you feel like getting a closer look at how we made the ad, make sure you check out the Behind the Scenes mockumentary film we shot on set with our in-house director.

We'd love to hear what you think - Tweet us @stlukescomms and use the hashtag #biggestchristmasyet.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dan publishes essay in Marketing and Campaign

Our MD and Planning Director Dan Hulse, has yet again been busy writing articles for industry press, and has just been published as one of the writers in a series of essays entitled 'Applied Thinking', which feature in Marketing Magazine and Campaign.

Dan's piece, entitled 'Unity,' focuses on the desire for Marketing Directors to create change within their corporations, who all too often prioritise the short term changes that can occur during their tenure, rather than striving for strategic long term changes which can fundamentally improve and grow their brands and businesses.

Dan explains that through unity with their internal teams, and agencies as key strategic partners, Marketing Directors can really change their businesses and create impactful communications which drive further and deeper than creating ads, but mould the whole business from the inside out. Citing that really the most impactful audience is the internal one, and that unity as a business and with their partner agency on board too, real change can be realised. This reflects the work Dominos and Currys have carried out with their brands, but also the projects we have implemented with our Majestic Wine client at St Luke's, and the projects we continue to strive for as we set Agendas for our clients to allow them to outmanoeuvre their competition.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


We have a four-week internship up for grabs, for an enthusiastic person who is keen to learn more about advertising. It is a fantastic opportunity where you will experience the day-to-day functioning of a creative agency working across a range of clients and media, and understand how all the parts of an agency come together as a whole.

If you think this could be you, please send in your CV to with the subject line of “internship” and we will be in touch.