Thursday, 19 November 2009


St Luke's is working towards its ISO 14001, here's our policy:

Our main objective is to formalise our current environmental procedures and gain certification as industry recognition of the environmental process inherent to St Luke’s. We need to gain a deeper understanding of how we work as an agency, which means monitoring aspects within the agency carefully. We will gather and analyse data, research alternative possibilities and where appropriate, implement new procedures.

Environmental awareness has always been inherent to St Luke’s company philosophy. We aim to refresh and improve our green awareness and target areas which can be improved.

Our key objective is to reduce our environmental footprint. Staff already have an understanding of carbon footprint and are mindful of it, but we need their support to continue to improve our green credentials.

Monday, 9 November 2009

The Green Touch

Things are still changing at St Lukes. I am sure you have all noticed the new bins are in place, the new labels are up and the pledge is on the wall. May I remind you, we have all pledged, “to always consider the environmental impact of our actions whilst at work and actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and that of the agency”.
There are no more excuses! Paper goes in the brand new recyclable bins, newspapers and magazines go in the kitchen and general waste goes…well in the general waste bin. However, the trick question is: “is it general waste?” You may have the same issue I have sometimes: “but what bin does it go in?” Do not get discouraged and opt for the General Waste bin, do not feel ashamed, ask a fellow friend!

PS: keep up the efforts, Mr Inspector will be around soon to check up on us!

Oh and don’t forget Green is definitely the new Black! Because we are worth it☺

Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Day I Was Made into an App

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find that my Twitter book has been made into an app on the iTunes store. I think the guys at Mobikats have done a good job at converting it, and will be interested to see how it competes with the physical edition. On the plus side, it's a whopping £2.20 cheaper. On the minus side, you can't pick it up from the counter of Waterstones when you remember that it's your nephew's birthday tomorrow and you haven't got him anything.

Let's see how it goes...

Tim Collins

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Who Loves ya baby!

I've been deliberating about where to go for a short break. I watched this short 1970's piece narrated by Telly Savalas and my mind is firmly made up!

Birmingham is the place to be!

Check this 5 min film out you will not be disappointed I promise you!

ps Telly also narrated one about Portsmouth.....that's my next trip sorted! :)

Delphina x