Thursday, 28 August 2008

Marchmont STreet Festival

Roll up, roll up...

Marchmont Street Fair is taking place on Saturday 6 September

and St Luke's will be having our very own stall!

Amongst jollities such as a St Luke's community art piece, we're proposing the biggest, best ever cake off. St Luke's staff are invited to bake a cake and the winning cake will be the one that is sold the quickest.

More importantly, we will also need volunteers to help man (get drunk behind) the stall, pls email names to Emily.

The party runs 12pm-5pm and there will be stalls, bands and children's entertainment.

Poem 2

I wrote this in a school maths test. (needless to say, I failed)






Just thought I'd share.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

St Luke's Poem Corner Entry 1

Andrew Drury has set the bar high for any other budding poetry writers with this recently PUBLISHED poem about chatting up girls on the underground... Beautiful!

Underground Eyes

The tube, you know, is a funny thing,
Thousands of people pile right in.
You can stand or sit, next to thin or fat,
Crushed by a woman, or a man in a hat.
But what is nice, is catching an eye,
Of someone you like, and just as shy.
Both eyes meet, then away they’ll look,
Diving down to a paper or book.
But seconds later, again they meet,
Their eyes collide in a welcoming greet.
Now it starts, the guessing and games,
What are the differences? What are the sames?
You can’t help but smile, from inside a laugh,
Lucky today they’ve crossed your path.
One last look before your station arrives,
Catching the romance of underground eyes.

Listening Post

Interesting exhibition on in the Science Museum at the mo - Listening Post claims to be a "dynamic portrait of online communication" by voicing fragments of chat-room conversations filtered in several different ways.

This exhibition reminds me of the website I posted a while ago (We Feel Fine) and is another example of a creative way of representing how people interact online. I particularly like the idea of putting a voice (all-be-it an electronic one) to typed conversations. According to the Science Museum website, "The artwork is world renowned as a masterpiece of electronic and contemporary art and a monument to the ways we find to connect with each other and express our identities online."

And it's free... bonus!


Pantone part III

Artist Tim Fraser Brown recreated Édouard Manet’s ‘Bar at the Folies Bergere’ entirely out of 5,000+ Pantone paint chips.

Impressionism via Pantone. Love it.

Click here to see the finished pic.

Weekly News Round-up

On Phil's recommendation, I'm going to start putting my weekly news round-up on the blog. Here's last week's:

InBev have begun the search for a new global advertising agency for its Stella Artois brand after 26 years with Lowe London. The fallout came about in part as a result of the brewer’s recent appointment of Mother to handle the UK launch of Stella Artois 4%. The brand is looking to take their advertising in a new direction to end its link with binge-drinking and is considering taking a step back from its rural continental-themed advertising.
For the full story, click here.

The economic downturn may have hit airlines hard but airports are using savvy marketing to ensure their airport retail sales aren’t affected. “Global retail sales at airports are expected to grow to $30bn (£15bn) in 2008, up 11% from $27bn (£13.5bn) last year.” Such growth makes airports second only to online in terms of fastest-growing retail channel according to Verdict.
For the full story, click here.

‘VisitLondon’ is launching its first global ad campaign, ‘See the world, visit London’. The £4m campaign is set to coincide with the Olympic handover on 24 August.
Found in ‘Briefs’ Page 4 Marketing. 20/08/08

Green and Blacks are holding tasting sessions at the inaugural Deloitte Ignite festival at the Royal Opera House, 12-14 September.
‘Briefs’, page 12 Marketing. 20/08/08

Major brands are cutting the amount of product per spend they offer consumers. Pringles are down from 200g to 170g, Dairylea triangles reduced its 180g packs to 160g, Strongbow got rid of 3 cans per case reducing the size to 15 cans and Cadbury Dairy Milk is down to 230g from 250g. Trying to put a positive spin on the downsizing, former Britvic marketer-turned brand consultant Andrew Marsden says, “Given the rise in obesity levels, maybe having slightly less chocolate isn’t such a bad thing.” Not sure I agree with that one! Consumers will certainly be more reluctant to give away their last Rolo anymore now that the pack is shrinking from containing 11 Rolos to 10.
Page 17 of Marketing. 20/08/08

Peter hurts his knee

was it a bit like this?

Orange Rockcorps

Saw an ad on the tube this morning for Orange Rockcorps. To get tickets to a concert you have to give 4 hours of your time to the community. Pretty cool, I thought.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

holiday voucher!

Sophie at the School of Life has given St Luke's staff a £100 discount off the Isle of Wight trip with Martin Parr.

Click here for more info



Its thought that the tapa was born when, due to an illness, the Spanish king Alfonso the 10th, the Wise, had to take small bites of food with some wine between meals. Once recovered from the disease, the wise king decreed that no wine was to be served in any of the inns in the land of Castilla , unless accompanied by something to eat. This was a wise precaution to counteract the adverse effects of alcohol on those people who, through lack of money to buy a nourishing meal, drank alcohol on an empty stomach.

Once the “botillerias” (bottle-shops) and “tabernas” (taverns) became established throughout Spain , the wise King’s decree remained in place. For that reason, the glass or jar of wine was served covered with a slice of either smoked ham or cheese, for two reasons: first to prevent insects or other impurities falling into the jar and secondly, for the guests to soak up the alcohol they had drunk with something solid, as King Alfonso had advised. This was the origin of the tapa, a solid food that covered the wineglass.


The traditional drink with the tapa is wine, either “peleón” (young and cheap) or “reserva” of each region:

young “txakolí” in the Basque Country
Penedés or Cava in Cataluña
Ribeiro in the Northwest
Young Valdepeñas or Rioja in Castilla and in the centre
Jerez in the south
Also in the south “gazpacho” (cold tomato soup), is very popular in summer as it’s a very refreshing drink.
In Asturias and in northern parts, where apples grow in abundance, cider replaces wine.


Tapas recipes vary according to the taste and gastronomic traditions of each region.


Olives, dry nuts, as well as many kinds of cold cuts supplemented with bread and the famous Totilla de Patata could be considered the most traditional type of tapas, that we could find in every region.

The many varieties of olives - green, Manzanilla, crushed, big, stuffed, flavoured or stoneless - are in themselves the subject of a book.

Together with the olives, slices of garlic or smoked-ham sausages, slices of cheese or jamón curado.


There are also fried tapas like “Boquerones” (whitebait), calamares, chorizo, croquetas, patatas , “torreznos” fried pork skin, or small shrimp omelettes to name a few.


Casserole stews as well as the Madrilenian “callos”, the Almagro's aubergines or flavored string beans.


San Sebastian in the North of Spain is known by having the best tapas or pintxos.

Pintxo is a word that has spread throughout Spain to refer about tapas. It comes from the fact that in San Sebastian you have all the different tapas on the bar, you grab anything you want. They have a woodstick or pintxo that helps when you want to grab them. As you finish the different tapas you leave the pintxos on a plate.
That helps the waiter, knowing how many you’ve had by counting the number of pintxos on the plate.

The most singular aspect of the “tapeo” (the art of eating tapas) is its ability to bring people together. At the time of tapeo conversation plays an integral part of the tapeo ritual.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Construction-a bit cheeseee

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Flamingo flip to the skate park

Ode to Al


enrique & borja

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Cycling round London

Inspired by GB's incredible performances in the velodrome at this year's Olympics, I've now taken to cycling the streets of London truely believing I'm the new Chris Hoy! And now that I'm noticing everything cycling related, my eyes were instantly attracted in this morning's paper to an article about the new TfL redesigned cycling web pages. Not only does the website ask London's thousands of keen cyclists (500,000 cycle journeys made in the capital each day - a 91% rise since 2000) to pass on their wisdom to others, the site also tells us of various events, how to get started with safety tips, maintenance, training, avoiding theft (David Cameron should have taken a look!), bikes on public transport and supplies us with very useful maps and guides to plan our journeys from quieter streets to scenic routes - plus there's a photography competition to win £600 worth of cycling and photography vouchers! So, take a look, save a few quid on the underground, dust off the bike (and camera) and start pedalling ... I suppose all I need to do now is push for a shower to be installed at work!! Pwoah ...

little andrew

Focus Groups

Click here for a chillingly real video on focus groups...

Show & Tell

We thought - since no one really wants to be at work on a Monday - we'd host a show & tell. Each week a St. Luker will be telling us about something interesting they've seen/ done/ overheard which tells us something interesting about the state of the world. Every Friday, we'll post the topic of conversation so you'll have a chance to think about it over the weekend.

The schedule is ...

26 Enrique/ Borja
1 Dan
8 Delphina
15 Kathryn
22 Phil
29 Tim
6 Mike
13 Rebecca
20 Nimi
27 Little Dan
3 Little Andrew
10 Beccy
17 Emily
24 Kate
1 Mike
8 Al
15 Squinn

Part Left Bank philosophy, part creative showcase, show & tell will kick start the week with a caffeine burst of inspiration. Come ready to talk.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Soviet Dance-off

1920's White, Military USSR meets 1990's Black, Subculture USA in this wonderful footage.
Two groups of Russian soldiers dance-off to a superimposed RunDMC track. The editorial changes are nominal. Seems we are all brothers under the skin.

Kevin Bishop does Strongbow

Click here to see a sketch parodying the Strongbow campaign from The Kevin Bishop Show on Channel 4 last Friday.

Bow selecta,


Monday, 18 August 2008

Somers Town

Interesting article about this new Shane Meadows film. You may know some of the local haunts featured, but what not many people know, is that it's been funded by Eurostar...look out for the subtle (and apparently some not so subtle) signs throughout.

Click on the title to link to the article.


Photo Comp entry


Friday, 15 August 2008

Live like a Hobbit

I didn't take these pictures so I can't enter them in the photo competition but isn't this a lovely construction?

more here


Stop Press! photo comp deadline change

The deadline for the latest photo comp has changed.
It as Thurs 21st Aug but to give everyone a little more time it's now Mon 1st Sept.

Due to popular demand can you enter your photo anonymously onto the's more fun to guess who had entered which photo!

'We feel fine'

We feel fine scans the world's newly posted blog entries, searching for the phrases "I feel" and "I am feeling". It then records the entire sentence, and takes any other information available including gender, age, weather, and location.

The result is millions of emotions (increasing by 15,000-20,000 each day) from across the world in one large database. These emotions can then be sorted into categories, offering answers to questions such as:
"Do Europeans feel sad more often than Americans? Do women feel fat more often than men? Does rainy weather affect how we feel? What are the most representative feelings of female New Yorkers in their 20s? What do people feel right now in Baghdad? What were people feeling on Valentine's Day? etc

They've displayed the data in a series of ingenious ways which interact with your mouse as you click through the emotions - beautiful enough in itself!



The first question has gone up on our drinking research blog, Ooggywawa. Click here to have a ganders.

Ooggywawa (Zulu for cheers if you're wondering) will act as an online arena for our five contributors from across the world to answer questions and engage in debate about their drinking habits.

It seems to us that drinking is subject to a variety of rules and norms regarding who may drink what, when, where, with whom and so on. Through the research, we’ll begin to uncover exactly what they are, how they are changing and what everyone is drinking.

We'd also love to hear what you all have to say - so visit Ooggywawa and get posting!

Locative Art

The new BBC programme Britain from Above uses GPS technology to track movement of people, cars, boats, planes and, particularly brilliantly, 200 black cabs moving around London in one day.

Wanting to find out more I came across a fledgling art movement called Locative Arts. This is artists who use GPS or Wi-Fi as their medium. This article is a bit heavy but there are good links at the end of it.

A good example is the Waag Society who wired up citizens of Amsterdam and created maps of each individual's personal version of the city.

Another is Uncle Roy All Around You; a game where online players and players on the street compete against each other.

The concept is pushed to a so far imaginary extreme in William Gibson's Spook Country where an artist has worked out how to create 3-d installations of celebrity deaths at the places where the celebrities died. The installations are only visible through virtual reality visors and the author imagines a time where such visors contain channels and we all walk around in our half-real, half-virtual worlds. Like headphones with visuals.

The interesting thing about all this is the way that online and experiential merge together - the big limitation of experiential marketing is that it directly reaches only a very small audience and relies on PR and word-of-mouth to carry the idea to the mass market. With Locative Art, an experiential idea can also be a mass event.


Thursday, 14 August 2008


This is beautiful.

The images tie into Regina Spektor's 'Us' - lyrics such as 'a den of thieves' and 'it's contagious' refer to the participatory nature of the internet where web users can put their own stamp on the media culture. Apparently it's already being referenced in academic studies.

As one YouTuber comments:

'Brilliant! Dozens of references, all pulled together by the drawing/hatching technique to create a strange, tense, atmospheric piece. A complex work of art, wry and powerful.'

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Swedish furniture name generator

Click on the title to find your ikea product name. Guess who this bed is name after.
Did you know
IKEA products are identified by single word names. Most of the names are Swedish in origin. Although there are some notable exceptions, most product names are based on a special naming system developed by IKEA.
Upholstered furniture, coffee tables, rattan furniture, bookshelves, media storage, doorknobs: Swedish placenames (for example: Klippan)
Beds, wardrobes, hall furniture: Norwegian place names
Dining tables and chairs: Finnish place namesBookcase ranges: Occupations
Bathroom articles: Scandinavian lakes, rivers and bays
Kitchens: grammatical terms, sometimes also other names
Chairs, desks: men's names
Materials, curtains: women's names
Garden furniture: Swedish islands
Carpets: Danish place names
Lighting: terms from music, chemistry, meteorology, measures, weights, seasons, months, days, boats, nautical terms
Bedlinen, bed covers, pillows/cushions: flowers, plants, precious stones; words related to sleep, comfort, and cuddling
Children's items: mammals, birds, adjectives
Curtain accessories: mathematical and geometrical terms
Kitchen utensils: foreign words, spices, herbs, fish, mushrooms, fruits or berries, functional descriptions
Boxes, wall decoration, pictures and frames, clocks: colloquial expressions, also Swedish place names
For example, DUKTIG (meaning: good, well-behaved) is a line of children's toys, OSLO is a name of a bed, BILLY (a Swedish masculine name) is a popular shelf, DINERA (meaning: (to) dine) for tableware, KASSETT (meaning: cassette) for media storage. One range of office furniture is named EFFEKTIV (meaning: efficient), SKÄRPT (meaning: sharp or clever) is a line of kitchen knives.
A notable exception is the IVAR shelving system, which dates back to the early 1970s. This item is named after the item's designer.

the craziest ad I've seen

Just in case you haven't seen it yet, this aired in France last year and has just started running it in the UK.... its fantastically crazy and the brand at the end was a total surprise!


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Art Attack

Penny and I thought we'd have a little fun and try and draw people with our opposite hands - here's our efforts!! Feel free to give it a go. And as Neil Buchanan would say, "Go on kids, try it yourself"...

The end of dull carparks

Utilitarian spaces are mostly boring and uninspiring, but adding a quirky take on signage adds a bit of humour to an otherwise dull concrete space. Playing with perspective and giving people something unusual to interact with is great content. I'm sure there is lots we can do for our clients along these lines.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Ikea takes its showroom to the road!

While the arrival of the new Ikea catalog is a minor event for the 20-somethings everywhere, futon lovers in the Seattle area are getting a truly special delivery. The company plans to hand out more than 1 million copies of the 374-page catalog from its truck, which sports mobile as well as a glass-encapsulated living space furnished with Ikea products.
The truck, which runs on biodiesel and is owned by GoMobile Advertising, will continue making its rounds at fairs, festivals, and parades in the greater Puget Sound area through Sept. 1.

Separately, Chain Store Age reports that Ikea is deepening its commitment to green consumers, and will invest $77 million in start-up companies producing eco-friendly products, eventually adding products like solar panels and water purification systems. The company reportedly plans to bring the new products to market within three to four years.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Fancy a play!

An Imaginative Woman is play taking part in the Camden Fringe Festival.

Shambolic Theatre unravels a Victorian mystery behind closed doors in this quirky comic tale of intrigue and suspense. ‘An Imaginative Woman’ is a dark comic thriller irreverently based on a Thomas Hardy short story. Two Victorian women meet as landlady and tenant in a majestic house on the South coast. Ella, an aspiring poet becomes obsessed with one of the rooms in the house; but she is not the only one overwhelmed by the eerie presence inside. As the truth gradually unfolds, both women are changed forever.

Etcetera Theatre - 265 Camden High St (above the Oxford Arms Pub)
6pm (1 hour)
10th-14th August 2008
All tickets £7.50
Ticket booking 08444 771 000 or

Whirled Peace

Ben & Jerry's has entered the world of social media

The brand that has long described its mission as "Peace, Love and Ice Cream" has launched a social media site/campaign titled "Imagine Whirled Peace"--tying in both with a new flavor, "Imagine Whirled Peace," and 2008's Peace Day on Sept. 21.

B&J worked with John Lennon's estate to secure rights to using his name on the new flavor. Peace Day, founded by filmmaker Jeremy Gilley in 1999, is an annual event organized by non-profit Peace One Day, which is marked by the member states of the United Nations with an official day of "global ceasefire and non-violence."

Visitors to the Imagine Whirled Peace site are asked to register their first name and last name initial, plus email address and city, in order to upload their "messages of peace" in preparation for Peace Day. They may also post their photos and other relevant images. A quick link for sharing the site with friends is provided.

The UGC site is being promoted to brand loyalists already on B&J's e-newsletter database, and also through paid search on Google, a registration form on Facebook, and on the brand's main Web site.
Its a great example of all the UGC action going on out there at the moment...


six degrees from kevin bacon

Microsoft have confirmed the theory there are only six degrees of separation between strangers. Or 6.6 to be precise.

Researchers tracked 30 billion instant messages among 180 million people from around the world and found there’s only an average of 6.6 hops between each person. And the world is only going to get smaller as new technology bridges the divide.

Thinking about nimi’s post earlier, what does it mean for the structure of our social networks? The outer ring of weak contacts is going to keep growing at a steady rate – pretty good for wom marketing and ‘strength of weak ties’ theorists. Or will there be a backlash and a return to more emotionally fulfilling friendships?

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Photography Competition

My entry - Ground Zero

Photo Entry

My entry - Anna

Photo comp next brief

The second brief is in so get your camera's ready.

Number 2:
This months word brief is "Construction".
Please submit your photo's via the blog by Thursday 21st Aug
(please send all high res jpegs to Laura as well)

Good Luck!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Be Brave Not Beige

When Ikea Finland opened their new store in Turku (the one we we did the launch campaign for) they decided to use the Be Brave Not Beige idea as part of the launch buzz. They branded up these Smart cars with the campaign line and drove them from Helsinki to Turku the day before the launch. You can't stop a good idea spreading.

Monday, 4 August 2008


Just because it's five days til the weekend and we need something to inspire us...


When the day breaks

I just found this animation, if you have a minute or two I think it's well worth a look.
Co-directors Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis use pencil and paint on photocopies to achieve a textured look suggestive of a lithograph or a flickering newsreel.

Friday, 1 August 2008

She Says

Last night’s monthly women's only digital advertising event - run by the gals at She Says - looked at the fusion between art and advertising, with speakers from experiential installation agencies Body> Data>Space, Jason Bruges, Digit and Take 2030. Exciting stuff.

Pic above shows Jason Bruges’ memory project for 02 – an interactive installation piece that prompts discussion around how we capture and store digital memories.

The next She Says is at the end of August and looks at ‘Search’, with speakers from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put your name down.


Face Your Pockets

Treasure? Objet d'art? Bric-a-brac? Plain old clutter?

This project asks people around the world to empty their pockets and photocopy them, along with their face. A celebration of the little things perhaps, but also an expose of the general crap we accumulate.