Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dark Fruit has got the bottle

It's been a rip-roaring success in cans, and now Strongbow have released the bottled variety of Dark Fruit. We've got a new OOH poster to mark the launch, challenging you to grab the bottle from its thorny grip to earn its darkly refreshing taste.

The dark glass bottle and the black, gold and purple branding reflect the premium feel to this cider, and allow it to stand out even more from the rest of the Strongbow range. Infused with juices of blackberries and blackcurrants and the Strongbow sharpness mean this is no feeble fruity cider.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Very does dating in style with Girlfriends

You enjoy watching dating shows on TV. Come on, admit it. 

Whether you keep it under wraps or are openly besotted, there is something undeniably captivating about watching people flirt, trying to impress or going on a date. Call it nosey, call it research, or simply trying to make yourself feel better; from the good old days of Cilla and Blind Date to Take Me Out, First Dates, The Bachelor and Love Machine, as a nation we have been bitten by the dating TV love-bug. are sponsoring the new series of ITV2’s latest offering “Girlfriends”, which twists the dating show format as it focuses on three single ladies who move in together and meet/interview each of the 100 men who come to the Girlfriends' house, choosing who they’d like to date as they go along. But with a limited number of dates allowed, and competition amongst themselves to bag Mr Right, there will definitely be some drama along the way.

We have created a series of 6 sponsorship idents for Very, which will bookend the show's breaks with different date scenarios - from a movie night, to a picnic, dinner and the will they or won’t they? kiss on the doorstep - all showing the date girl and her counterparts looking perfectly stylish with every detail covered. From the last minute accessory, to the more abstract tissue on hand to wipe away a tear, we show that Very have got your back to make sure you’re ready to take on your love life in style.

The new series of Girlfriends starts tonight, Wednesday 14th August at 9pm on ITV2. 

You can check out all the idents in the image above, and I admit, I’ll be watching. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Win Very Style

Our first print ad for Very is out now, gracing bus stops and poster sites near you! It's to mark the launch of a Twitter competition, giving you the chance to win £500 worth of Love Label clothes to help you do summer in style. All you need to do is follow and retweet @verynetwork with the hashtag . Our stunning model shows us how it's done, looking the epitome of summer cool whilst her delicious ice cream dribbles down her arm - with Very there's no reason falter from looking your best with a fantastic stylish range, affordable prices and payment options.

Let's bring the hot weather back, win some great Love Label clothes and head for the nearest ice cream van! 

Mine's a 99.

Abra-abra cadabra - Littlewoods Kids goes live!

If the enjoyment and success of filming our latest Littlewoods advert for their Ladybird children's range is anything to go by, then the oft-quoted phrase "never work with children or animals" is a load of old codswallop. We loved it.

A cast of excitable, playful and very cute 4 to 7 year olds are the stars of our latest ad which launched on August 1st. It's a throwback to a traditional children’s party, primarily set in a beautiful garden - where computers, phones and gadgets are replaced by pass the parcel, blind mans buff and general frolicking and dancing. Unfortunately for our ears, they wanted to dance to Gangnam Style on repeat between takes. Director Karen Cunningham said “The idea was to create an old fashioned party… back to lovingly made jelly, and cupcakes and beautifully homemade birthday cake.” During the ad, a very cute "mini Myleene", played by Evie Lew-Davies, magically touches the other party guests making their outfits transform into a second stylish outfit from the Ladybird collection, showcasing their fantastic range. When all the work is done "mini Myleene" transforms into adult Myleene Klass to give the final Littlewoods touch.


 The soundtrack is the ridiculously catchy Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band, and the campaign will be supported by online, social media and print ads. We're excited to continue working with Littlewoods in their aim to become the biggest suppliers of quality children’s clothing in the UK.

Ch-ch-check it out in the image above.