Tuesday, 28 October 2014


We have a four-week internship up for grabs, for an enthusiastic person who is keen to learn more about advertising. It is a fantastic opportunity where you will experience the day-to-day functioning of a creative agency working across a range of clients and media, and understand how all the parts of an agency come together as a whole.

If you think this could be you, please send in your CV to recruitment@stlukes.co.uk with the subject line of “internship” and we will be in touch.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Another new face joins the team

This week we’re saying hello to another new face as Dominique Morgan joins the account management team to become Account Director on Strongbow.

Dominique joins us after four years at McCann where she worked on the L’Oreal account. She is looking forward to working on an alcohol brand as it's an area that she takes keen interest in!

We are very pleased to welcome a lovely, smiley new face to the St Luke’s team.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Starcabs pull up in Piccadilly

To mark the October activation of the Heineken Starcab activity we took over the new ultra bright LED site One Piccadilly. The animation which ran on the eve of the activity was designed to raise awareness of the Starcabs which take Londoners out of their comfort zone and help them discover a new part of London.

The next activation of the Starcabs is Saturday 1st November so to find out where you catch one check here.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The St Luke's Ox gets a makeover

He's been welcoming visitors to the agency for as long as most of us here can remember, so we felt it was about time our Ox mascot got a bit of well-deserved TLC!

Over the past few weeks he's had the equivalent of a facelift and tan. His new skin now literally glowing, as his illuminated colour switches from blue to a purpley pink and shades in between, fitting right in with the bright colour scheme we've now got running throughout the agency.

I think it's safe to say, he's hanging more proudly than ever and loving the attention!

St Luke's works with Heineken to Open London

So how was your weekend? A question which is loved by nervous Tinder users  and uninspiring colleagues alike. We all love to think that we can answer this question with an elaborate tale full of unsuspected twists and turns. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that using a wide range of Instagram filters in one day doesn't really count as an adventurous weekend. Given that we live in one the world's greatest cities it's a real shame that most of us live life so comfortably within our boundaries.

This is why Heineken has launched its Cities of the World campaign which is working to get Londoners to open their city and explore a new side of the capital. The campaign will be live in print, OOH and online until the end of the year. A key part of this campaign is the Starcabs which will be running adventurous Heineken drinkers from their local to a great bar in one of London's "villages". The campaign focuses on seven of these villages which feature though-out the campaign. These are Balham, Brixton, Clapham, Shoreditch, Angel, Camden and Notting Hill.

On the first Saturday of every month (that’s right, it’s nearly the first Saturday of October!) Heineken customers will be given the chance to win a free cab ride in a Heineken Starcab. All they need to do is buy a Heineken at one of the selected star bars and enter the code they receive. Customers will then be alerted via text whether or not they are a winner. The lucky winners will then whisked away by a secretive taxi driver who will only give them intriguing clues to their destination. Once they have arrived at their destination they will be greeted with cold Heineken and a map to help them discover the best bits of their new area. 

To find out where you can catch a Starcab and see more of the campaign visit the Startreament page here.