Monday, 25 February 2013

Mooncup: the Slammers' opinions.

Now, we know we’ve mentioned the plethora of reactions to our Tampon vs Mooncup viral before on this blog, but there is one in particular that we’d like to share in a little more detail.

Chella Quint is New York expat, who now lives in Sheffield and a writes a blog entitled “Adventures in Menstruating.” She’s an active public speaker, has given a TedX talk about periods and the representation of sanitary protection in advertising, and is also well acquainted with poetry slammers. She combined these talents, along with asking fellow slammers for their opinions about our Rap Battle, and has displayed them in a blogpost, which comes to some extremely interesting analytical conclusions about how we portray the Tampon and Mooncup relationship, such as:

"As the Tampon Crew started the rap battle, it’s showing how those companies are quietly bullying us all into using what’s already widely known, and trying to bully other options out of the market by going, ‘Ew weird reusable femcare go away.’ So if anyone wakes up to that, the ad’s done a great service. Mooncup had good rhymes, and great lines such as ‘we only collect from the menstrual flow’ and ending the ad with ‘no strings attached’ is great wordplay."

If that's whet your appetite you can read the full blog at

Friday, 22 February 2013

Paloma Faith's new video

Our in-house director Simon Allen has escaped the agency today to direct Paloma Faith's latest video.

He sent us this snap from backstage at the shoot of Paloma looking super glamourous!

Si also directed her video for Never Tear Us Apart; we're looking forward to seeing what he's done this time!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Mailout

We've set up a new weekly internal email as a "Mashup" of the latest industry news and happenings which relate to us and our clients. And some stuff of general random interest too. The sort of thing that's quite nice to have a glance through over a cup of tea, or while you're "checking your emails."

If you're interested in having a look too you can find it here

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Green Deal with it!

Our latest print campaign for the Department of Energy and Climate Change is for their Green Deal initiative, and has taken over the pages of national and regional press!

Our adverts urge homeowners, who already know they can benefit by tackling issues such as rising energy costs, to “Green Deal with it” and make their home more energy efficient; saving themselves money on monthly bills in the long term.
The Green Deal offers an affordable way to make practical, energy saving home improvements for homeowners across the whole of the UK, with Welsh language ads placed in Welsh press, and tailored offers for England and Scotland. Gwych*.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's Pancake Day!

Are you savoury or sweet?

This was the question heavily debated in the office today. So, we decided to get our very own MasterChef into the kitchen to prepare a culinary masterpiece of microwave pancakes. Who says microwave meals aren't delicious? Dozens of Galettes and a Crepe Suzette or 2 later - we are all stuffed!

Share with us your pancake related stories and the best story wins a lesson with the Masterchef!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's a hit!

After launching our Tampon Vs Mooncup Rap Battle last week, we knew it was going to get people talking. I mean, who wouldn’t have a reaction to a viral rap battle about periods? After over 130,000 views on YouTube it has sparked conversation within the advertising industry, as well as amongst the public on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Opinions have been coming in thick and fast, ranging from incredulity, to ingenuity and insanity– but we welcome them all!

What we welcome most of all though, is when our work gets a nod from a well-respected industry publication such as Marketing, which it has done today. Wahey! We feature in their “Viral Hit or Miss” section (page 13), and with a score of 7/10 and descriptions such as “a catchy beat, funny, informative and smartly edited” we’re pleased to say it’s a hit!

If you haven’t seen the viral yet, check it out here, pick a side, share and keep the conversation flowing #TamponvsMooncup.