Wednesday, 26 October 2011

PM endorses Local Business Accelerators

Applications are flooding in for Local Business Accelerators, our latest campaign for the Newspaper Society. Almost 500 local newspapers are activating the initiative in their communities. They'll be seeking out Britain’s most promising fledgling businesses and supporting them with free advertising and professional mentoring.

Endorsing our campaign the Prime Minister said: "The Local Business Accelerators campaign will help provide the boost that our smaller British businesses need right now. By joining forces to launch this excellent initiative, local newspapers are demonstrating their commitment and providing exactly the sort of practical, hands-on support that will help young local businesses succeed and grow.”

The first of three full page press ads, designed by Ed and Dave has appeared in each participating title. Simultaneously campaign ambassador, Deborah Meaden, has been busy leading a national PR campaign to promote the scheme.

To find out more about Local Business Accelerators you can visit the applications page:

The campaign concludes in January 2012. There’s lots happening between now and then, so standby for more progress reports!

Monday, 24 October 2011

St. Luke's day 2011

We held this years St. Luke's day at The Driver and with the help from Cinnamon created wonderful ice Sculpture all with the brief to hold a bottle of wine.

Congrats to Simon & Caroline and Al & Rajenna with their winning sculptures, the message in a bottle and lips!

We all had a great time and celebrated with a yummy 5 course lunch!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Top girls still top

Last night I went to see Caryl Churchill's play Top Girls, directed by Max Stafford-Clark and starring Suranne Jones.

"Top Girls is a wonderfully provocative study of powerful women in 80s Britain, revealing the compromises made in the quest for success, and what happens to those left behind."

Even though the play is set in the 1980s the topic of women being successful over men in the work place is still very much apparent in 2011 and that at today's current pace of recruitment it would take 20 years for one in three directors in the boardroom to be female.

The first act sees the main character Marlene holding a fictional dinner party with 5 historical women that like her have been successful but have sacrificed to be so. It did make me think who I would have at my dinner party... who would you invite?

Top Girls is on at the Trafalgar Studios in London until Saturday 29th October, it is a wonderful production that has you laughing one minute and close to tears the next, go and see it quick!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day Of The Dead!

I'm not talking about Zombie movies people! I'm talking about the amazing Mexican tradition of honoring their dearly departed. The Wellcome Collection is one of the coolest galleries in London and on the 5th November they have some fantastic events that will help us to honor our lost ones and party!

Personally I'm going straight for the decorating 'Sugar Skulls' activity. If that's too ghoulish for you try your hand at playing an Aztec instrument, skeleton dancing, the list is endlessly. I'm not missing this and neither should you!

The fact that I'm going to the Ghostface Killah / MF Doom gig at the Roundhouse that very evening seems to make so much sense!:)

Delphina x


I snapped this sassy car on Great Marlborough St and could not help thinking that if Betty Boop had a car this one would be it!

I have a question for y'all:

If you could customize your car which cartoon character would you pick for inspiration??

Delphina x


Hey People

It's that time of year again! A Weekend of free cultural events in our quirky corner of London. There will be a World Music stage, a food market, dance, film screenings. Take the opportunity to visit The Foundling Museum, The Grant Museum of Zoology, The Cartoon Museum.

The parks and squares of Bloomsbury will be a hive of activity! The weather report say there will be no rain so there is no excuse for you not to come out to play!

Delphina x

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Guinness world record holders!

A few St. Lukers went down to Waterstones, Piccadilly today to support RNIB's world record reading relay. We were given one line each to read out, 317 people took part, beating the previous record of 290 held by Austria. We read an exclusive, never published Anthony Horowitz story, called "The Double Eagle has Landed".

Monday, 10 October 2011

RNIB Autumn campaign launch

Our new RNIB campaign launched today - focusing on the loss of the written word on everyday objects that we take for granted.
The campaign covers print, radio and online - all coming soon to the website!

Beyrouth Cool!

On a whim I decided to take a little trip to Beirut. They have to my surprise a really cool underground music scene and i was quite keen to check it out. Whilst strolling down a side street in downtown Beirut, I happened upon a piece of 'Banksy' stencil style street art with the witty caption: "Art Is For Everyone Except Ugly People". As there was a luxury Mercedes Parked directly underneath, I'm inclined to think it really is a Banksy. What other street artist can afford a Merc for a getaway car?:)

My next favorite pic is of the 'Jealousy Mosaic'. This mosaïc decorated the entrance of a wealthy home located at the heart of Byzantine Beirut. The purpose of the inscription,Envy is an evil; it has beauty however/ it eats out the eyes and the heart of the envious, was to protect the inhabitants against envy and evil.

So naturally the next step to guard against the evil eye would be to hook yourself up with a 'Hamsa' a hand shaped talisman The hamsa was a bit pricey but totally worth it. It looks fantastic! Evil Eye be gone!

Delphina x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Taste bud fun

Coffee + sweet potato? Onion + apple? Beef + celery?
Apparently these are all pairs of food that compliment each other. For all the budding chefs out there, this visualisation wheel from information is beautiful is a great way to learn and enhance your cooking skills. There's plenty more to view, just click on the pic.