Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Play my piano

Artist Luke Jerram has found 30 pianos and left them around the city for Londoners to indulge inimpromptu summer concerts. Originally in Birmingham, Play Me, I’m Yours was designed to act as a catalyst for strangers who regularly occupy the same space, to talk and connect with one another.

So it's a social media project really. In fact Luke says:"Like Facebook, ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ provides an interconnected resource, an empty blank canvas, for the public to express themselves and share their creativity."

Locations include the British Library (lunchtime singalong anyone?), Tate Britian, Soho Square (midnight singalong anyone?) and Liverpool Street Station.

I love the idea of bringing music to the capital, for the people, by the people, getting strangers to talk to each other, to have a shared experience, to make people smile. I hope they're allowed to stay.


Anonymous said...

so sweet

Anonymous said...

i played one today. it was fun.