Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Mark Vernon's ten ancient tips for the modern world

We've been helping out The School of Life expert Mark Vernon with the launch of his new book, 'Plato's Podcasts - The Ancients' Guide to Modern Living'.

Ex-priest Mark is a founding member of our client The School of Life whose previous publications include 'The Philosophy of Friendship' and 'Wellbeing'. According to Mark, 'writing a sermon is remarkably similar to writing a feature; and speaking to parishioners is remarkably like to talking to a microphone'.

In advance of the book's release, Mark has compiled ten tips based on the philosophies of the old school heavies to help us deal with the high-tech world of modern life. Pretty useful in the heady, relentless whirl of advertising.

Don't know your ARG from your APG? Web 2.0 baffles and web 3.0 frankly terrifies? Pah. According to Mark, this is nothing compared to the rapid, intrepid changes the ancient Greeks had to cope with. Try dealing with the new technologies for constructing the Parthenon. Mark's advice: think like Zeno the Stoic and go with the flow.

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Anonymous said...

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