Thursday, 19 November 2009


St Luke's is working towards its ISO 14001, here's our policy:

Our main objective is to formalise our current environmental procedures and gain certification as industry recognition of the environmental process inherent to St Luke’s. We need to gain a deeper understanding of how we work as an agency, which means monitoring aspects within the agency carefully. We will gather and analyse data, research alternative possibilities and where appropriate, implement new procedures.

Environmental awareness has always been inherent to St Luke’s company philosophy. We aim to refresh and improve our green awareness and target areas which can be improved.

Our key objective is to reduce our environmental footprint. Staff already have an understanding of carbon footprint and are mindful of it, but we need their support to continue to improve our green credentials.

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Drew Byrne said...

Be mindful of your green footprints…& bring a bright shine to your sole…