Tuesday, 14 June 2011

erm...its Ci-der!?!

Taking inspiration from Stella Artois’ ad to launch Stella ‘ci-dre’ (pronounced cee-dra), Strongbow took more of a down-to-earth approach to show the nation how to say ‘Cider’!!

It had a fab response with over 600 likes on facebook and some very positive comments!

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Tom Harle said...

I hate the press stuff for the Stella campaign - the TV spot is quite fun, but still.

Sometimes though I've found with charity campaigns that it works better to name the group after the issue you are trying to rally people around, rather than the brand itself; for example - "I want to stop the famine in East Africa" rather than "D.E.C".

By the same token I wonder if you would have got more likes with this if the fan page name was "it's Cider pronounced Ci-Der" - it would appear in much more people's feeds as an idea that could easily spread. I think most people, especially the strongbow drinker, more than 600 people, think the stella positioning has missed the mark a bit.

Just a thought really