Monday, 9 January 2012

Bread Fit For Chanel!

I am loving a food feature on Cool Hunter about amazing, 'Designer Bakeries'. The basis is the breads should be amazing, natural, artesian, flavoursome but the environment it is sold in should be equally as amazing. They asked their readers to contribute examples and the list ranges from Greece to Italy to Australia and Japan. The list contains the most incredible bakeries that are so stylish I'd happily live in them! There didn't appear to be any examples from the UK. As 2012 is Londons year, which bakeries, that fit the 'designer' criterior, would you recommend that are located in The Big Smoke? It's kind of ridiculous as I don't eat wheat / gluten but I'm still fascinated! It's nice to 'look and 'fatten the eyes' sometimes:)

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Anonymous said...

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