Tuesday, 5 June 2012


More delectable delights from our favourite food stall collective that is King's Cross' eat.st:

What’s a guy to do when there’s both Motherflipper and Ribman at eat.st on the same day? Hybrid rib burger of course.
JD says, “Not just the best burger on the street, but one of the best in town at any price. Get the Double Candy Bacon Flipper and ask for a few extra napkins!”

Yum Bun
‘Pillow-soft’ steamed bun they say and ‘pillow-soft’ they are, filled with wonderful crispy pork belly and hoisin sauce.
JD: “Brilliant stuff – like a really, REALLY good crispy duck pancake, but with pork belly, not duck, and a bun, not a pancake.”

Saving the best til last: Luardos. We love Luardos so much we're willing to queue a good fifteen minutes in the rain to get our burrito fix.
JD: “The burrito is a pretty genius idea anyway and Luardos really do deliver one of the best around. After extensive testing we can now declare pork as the team’s favourite!”

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