Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Happy Birthday Slogan

Our very own Tim C - author of the ‘Little Book of Twitter’ - celebrates the 150th anniversary of the advertising slogan.

In an article published today on UTalkMarketing.com, Tim says: "Apparently, the first ever advertising slogan, ‘worth a guinea’, was written for Beecham’s Pills 150 years ago. It probably wouldn’t cause too much excitement in a creative review today, but it was the start of something big. Or rather, the start of something short and concise."

So, how do we do it Tim? He says: "So what makes a slogan good? Well, it’s not an exact science, but it does seem to come down to the quality that decades of music journalism has failed to come up with a better word for than ‘catchiness’."

For more words of wisdom and slogan trivia, click here.

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