Wednesday, 5 August 2009


In keeping with our green ideology and to complement our flourishing herb garden here at the St Lukes office, we thought this looked like a great idea to take it digital and promote environmentalism on the internet!

Tweehive allows owners of ecology and sustainability related websites, to seed their 'gardens' with flowers that when collected by Tweehive's 'bees' register their website on the Tweehive page, thus creating an archive of websites related to the topic!

Confused!? Click on the link to check it out and learn more about this fun community!

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emily said...

Tweehive uses the best of Orange Balloonacy traffic driving and the community action seen in Twitter (particularly with news) raising awareness of an issue through experiential marketing.

As a property ownner, you can sign up for a flower. 'Bees' will then come to your site to harvest pollen by interacting with a flower widget embedded on your site. When a bee finds a flower, they will post the find on Twitter using a hashtag, and other bees can then come to your site to harvest pollen.

Not sure yet what the incentive for the bees is yet, other than curiosity, but this "mutual benefit" thinking leads to mass engagement and more buzz. I like.