Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bizarre Apps

I love the novelty of a good app. Be it functional or just entertaining, I've got time for it. However, now and then you come across apps which just make you wonder why?...

1. Beer opener

App store description: 'Experience the joy of opening a cold refreshing beer bottle without the inconvenience of actually consuming beer!'
- Some people might argue with the word choice 'inconvenience'!

2. Hold On!

App store description: 'Compete to see how long you can hold the button! The timer shows your progress down to the millisecond and stores your personal all-time record. Develop your perseverance and improve your concentration skills to make you more productive!'
- Certainly a novel way to improve these skills

3. UK Payphone

App Store Description: 'This application allows you to search for public payphones in the United Kingdom.'
- Perhaps I'm missing the point but you if have a phone in your hand...?

4. SimStapler

App store description: 'The first true office equipment simulator, SimStapler© brings all of the thrill and excitement of a “real” stapler right to the palm of your hand.'
- Who knew the humble stapler could be so thrilling!?

5. More Toast!

App store description: 'Make virtual toast, bagels, waffles, sandwiches and more, with nearly limitless toppings & customization.'
- …I’m still hungry!

- Isabelle


Drew Byrne said...

This little curio-posting reminds me of how many times you can return a wrongly addressed letter to its sender before Royal Mail finally gets tired of putting it through your letter box; but no, perhaps I am going too far in this analogy...after all, maybe I don't even know quite what a good app is...and if I did I probably wouldn't want to know.

Anonymous said...

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St Luke's said...

Thank you! We will be sure to pop over your way too.

Come and visit again soon!