Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Social Election

There has been such a buzz around the use of social media in the election - notably the Lib Dem's Brown-Cameron combo in their labservative site, the Conservative's webcameron (and more importantly for some websamcameron) the Youtube blog where we can get updates from Cameron from a 'behind the scenes' perspective and Labour's famous crowd sourcing attempt.

However, as well as the official activity, an array of brilliant election related parody sites have also appeared. Here are some of the best...

1. David Cameron anecdote generator – simply click the button and find out who David Cameron has been talking to.

2. Domestic policy – Ikea have designed 3 kicthens whose designs are inspired by candidate. Choose from a Brun, Kamerun or Kleggi.

3. Ladbrooks viral – Watch Tony Blair placing a bet on the outcome of the election.

Facebrushed - Parody site simulates what David Cameron's Facebook status updates may have been in his University days.

5. Save the Children viral game - Each animated party leader hold a baby and players upload their pictures into the infant’s face, then choose whether to pester, pee on or peck their chosen leader.

6. Slapometer – Created by Albion London, players can in indulge in giving your candidate of choice a good slap.

1 comment:

Drew Byrne said...

These sort of "adds" are unfair! Someone's been politicking with the politicians policies!