Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mad Men! (& Ladies!)

From time time to time I stick up articles of an interesting, quirky or just downright cool nature in the kitchen.
I will from now on get with the modern world and blog about them!

If you don't already watch Mad Men I do suggest that you snag yourself season 1 and start from the very beginning you will not be disappointed! If you missed the artcle in The Times about Jerry Della Femina and original Mad Man and advisor to the show, never fear I still have the hardcopy! It's a fabulous interview and you can tell that Mr Femina has relished every moment his adventures in adland! I have my edirol recorder In my desk draw if you want to regale me with tales from the past please don't hesitate to pop round to my desk! :)

Delphina x

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