Friday, 21 October 2011

Top girls still top

Last night I went to see Caryl Churchill's play Top Girls, directed by Max Stafford-Clark and starring Suranne Jones.

"Top Girls is a wonderfully provocative study of powerful women in 80s Britain, revealing the compromises made in the quest for success, and what happens to those left behind."

Even though the play is set in the 1980s the topic of women being successful over men in the work place is still very much apparent in 2011 and that at today's current pace of recruitment it would take 20 years for one in three directors in the boardroom to be female.

The first act sees the main character Marlene holding a fictional dinner party with 5 historical women that like her have been successful but have sacrificed to be so. It did make me think who I would have at my dinner party... who would you invite?

Top Girls is on at the Trafalgar Studios in London until Saturday 29th October, it is a wonderful production that has you laughing one minute and close to tears the next, go and see it quick!


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