Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's a hit!

After launching our Tampon Vs Mooncup Rap Battle last week, we knew it was going to get people talking. I mean, who wouldn’t have a reaction to a viral rap battle about periods? After over 130,000 views on YouTube it has sparked conversation within the advertising industry, as well as amongst the public on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Opinions have been coming in thick and fast, ranging from incredulity, to ingenuity and insanity– but we welcome them all!

What we welcome most of all though, is when our work gets a nod from a well-respected industry publication such as Marketing, which it has done today. Wahey! We feature in their “Viral Hit or Miss” section (page 13), and with a score of 7/10 and descriptions such as “a catchy beat, funny, informative and smartly edited” we’re pleased to say it’s a hit!

If you haven’t seen the viral yet, check it out here, pick a side, share and keep the conversation flowing #TamponvsMooncup.

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