Monday, 25 February 2013

Mooncup: the Slammers' opinions.

Now, we know we’ve mentioned the plethora of reactions to our Tampon vs Mooncup viral before on this blog, but there is one in particular that we’d like to share in a little more detail.

Chella Quint is New York expat, who now lives in Sheffield and a writes a blog entitled “Adventures in Menstruating.” She’s an active public speaker, has given a TedX talk about periods and the representation of sanitary protection in advertising, and is also well acquainted with poetry slammers. She combined these talents, along with asking fellow slammers for their opinions about our Rap Battle, and has displayed them in a blogpost, which comes to some extremely interesting analytical conclusions about how we portray the Tampon and Mooncup relationship, such as:

"As the Tampon Crew started the rap battle, it’s showing how those companies are quietly bullying us all into using what’s already widely known, and trying to bully other options out of the market by going, ‘Ew weird reusable femcare go away.’ So if anyone wakes up to that, the ad’s done a great service. Mooncup had good rhymes, and great lines such as ‘we only collect from the menstrual flow’ and ending the ad with ‘no strings attached’ is great wordplay."

If that's whet your appetite you can read the full blog at

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