Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Watch out. The Kiwi has landed!

If there’s ever a perfect time for a delicious new fruity cider to try, it’s the summer. As previously blogged we’ve recently launched the latest Strongbow Citrus Edge cider, but to follow this week we’ve launched a completely new brand of cider to the market.

Old Mout (pronounced like boot) is famous throughout New Zealand for its quirky flavours, and our client Heineken gave us at St Luke’s the opportunity to launch this gem of a brand in the UK, ready for the summer beer garden visits and BBQs.

Old Mout is positioned as a competitor to other World Ciders such as Rekorderlig and Kopparberg, and has a very fun, playful and quirky tone of voice. As this brand is completely unknown to the UK market, and there is no other New Zealand cider in the market – we have taken our creative down the route of ‘Get the Kiwi taste for adventure.”

The creative which will roll out across Press, OOH and Digital media is copy-led, and features lines such as “The Kiwi has landed” “11,675 miles cider making’s come a long way” and “Have passionfruit parachute on to your tongue.” Using the language of travel and adventure, we are associating the Old Mout brand with the typically Kiwi adventurous approach to life.

The ads will be seen all across London and Manchester, with a mix of underground posters, roadside posters and digital screens. We've had some great coverage in industry press already, check out The Drum article here.

Grab life, and Old Mout, with both hands and check out which is your favourite flavour – Passionfruit and Apple, Summer Berries or Kiwi and Lime.

Let us know what you think @stlukescomms.

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