Friday, 22 May 2009

Strongbow Ad

Following the successful Total First Pint Refreshment campaign, we were briefed to give Strongbow a role in its drinkers' lives - something that tapped into what really matters to them. The Strongbow drinker works hard for a living, and believes in the importance of honest rewards for an honest day's work. For them, a pint of Strongbow at the end of the working day tastes better because they've earned it. They know that not everyone shares these values - society seems to glorify reality TV stars, and bankers have made fortunes while losing millions of ordinary people's money. We spotted the opportunity to reward and celebrate the unsung graft of the Strongbow drinker, with a campaign based on the idea that workers are heroes.

The ad will be first aired on Sky Sports 1 at 4.50pm Sunday 24th May.

So far it seems to be going down very well...





Gianluca said...

Great ad, I love that idea: the joint brave heart/working man.

al said...

top slot ad on boards online and
selected for w/wide podcast by Best Ads on TV - which is lovely

Anonymous said...

Terrible ad. It belongs to another era, perhaps New Labour 1997. Reflection of how poor the agency has become. Also, have you EVER seen a builder/roofer with a BIC pen (with its plastic cap on) behind his ear?

Rajeena said...

'anonymous' - obviously opinions are important and make the world a more interesting place. However, I think you can see for yourself how successful the campaign is - still getting coverage, fantastic reviews and even had good write up from DavidReviews - a notoriously picky review website who slates just about everything in its path.

So whilst your comments are 'interesting', I am not sure if your arguement has any substance. Unlike our ad. Which has bags of it.


Anonymous said...

Well argued Rajeena, but if you define 'successful' the fact that the campaign gets (whatever) coverage, then I rest my case.

I am sure you got reviews in Metro too.

In the end, will Strongbow have shifted more cases of their product?

I doubt very much that has happened and that you will have that 'substance' either, so, until then, I am afraid this is an argument about liking or not.

And, let's face it, the ad is truly terrible!

Don't believe the hype.