Tuesday, 7 July 2009

10 Steps to launch a new product using social media

A nice, easy step-by-step guide to launching a new product via the means of social media, brought to you by Edward Boches:

1. Make a commitment.,
2. Define your community
3. Determine your objectives
4. Engineer your presence
5. Build a following
6. engage, share and inspire participation
7. Do something attention getting
8. Mobilize your community.
9. Measure results.
10. Keep on going.

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1 comment:

Drew Byrne said...

There seems, unfortunately, to be one more “essential thing” that is missing from this list: the gestalt or essence, which makes it whole and unique: that thing which is almost intangible without bringing together an understanding which transcends mere words that are set out in a short list of “sell me” axioms… “For the form to become real the real must conform to the spirit of the meaning,” as Spinoza once may have said…or “Vorsprung durch Technik” for short.