Thursday, 23 July 2009

TEDGlobal 2009 - Ideas Worth Spreading.

TEDGlobal 2009 takes place this week as captains of industry, leaders, scientists and experts gather to exchange thoughts on anything and everything.

Heavy hitters included Gordon Brown, JJ Abrams (Hollywood writer, director, producer and creator of Lost) and Jeff Bezos (CEO and founder of We thought the following were particularly interesting and hope you enjoy them too......

Seth Godin on standing out.

Seth Godin, a marketing expert, explains how terrible or strange marketing ideas are better than boring ones in the pursuit of gaining people's attention to a product or brand. Especially in an era where time is scarce and the range of choice is vast and growing, it easier for the consumer to ignore those ideas that don't catch their eye than examine every one when making a decision about where to eat, what to watch and what to buy. At least bad ideas make the cut when it comes to attracting attention and discussion.

Sarah Jones as a one-woman global village.
Social Media brings people and ideas together from around the world whilst they sit at their computers, on the train, in the pub. This lady brings them together literally in one act, discussing how invention can include the invention of self and identity. The Internet and social media allow you to invent yourself in any way you like and thus there are some interesting parallels to be drawn.

Clay Shirky: How social media can make history.
Social media is providing those living in oppressed regimes and remote areas of the world the ability to deliver news and information to the rest of us, despite the efforts of their government to stop them doing so - the truth will out!

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