Monday, 9 February 2015

Mark Denton inspires St Luke's

Excitement hit St Lukes on Thursday evening as the agency prepared for the much anticipated talk from advertising legend Mark Denton. Champagne and Heineken (naturally!) were flowing as clients and the man himself arrived. Rocking a checked suit from his clothing label (one of Marks many projects) he took to the front of the audience and after battling a few minor technical difficulties, the talk began. 

We don't want to give too much away, should he come to an agency near you soon, but we were taken on a whirlwind journey of Mark's extensive advertising career. From 7 year old Mark watching his first really memorable TV ad to setting up his own agency and winning numerous awards. Utterly engrossed faces stared up at Mark as we were transported through chapter after chapter of his incredible career, all the while keeping us laughing throughout.

A particular favourite moment came when Mark talked about his most memorable experience with his clairvoyant, Claire from Catford, and the champagne bottle next to him popped its corked completely unaided. This added an even greater sense of mystique around an already mystical part of his talk. Mark has assured us this wasn't set up but we suggested adding it in for future talks! 

It was a highly entertaining talk that has us all gripped from start to finish. Everyone left with something useful to take with them into the advertising world and a new found interest in all things clairvoyant. 

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