Wednesday, 11 February 2015

It’s a “New Dawn,” it’s a new day, for

Today, we launch the new integrated campaign for It’s our first above the line campaign for the brand since we won the account mid-2014. It goes by the name of ‘New Dawn’ and we’re excited for it to finally be revealed. The first brand TV spot goes live after Emmerdale tonight, on ITV, between 7.25 and 7.30pm. 

It’s fair to say we’ve come up against a few obstacles throughout the development of this campaign - but this is to be expected when you count Wonga in your competitive set, and the industry itself is in the midst of upheaval and regulation from the FCA ensuring that all lenders adhere to strict, new rules to ensure consumers don’t find themselves in serious financial difficulties.

The fortunate thing was, Sunny’s product already adhered to most of these regulations, so the introduction of the rate cap meant the business would be one of the very small proportion of lenders who could still survive. The resolve from the client and the St Luke’s team has been hardy, and we have created a set of ads that we are proud of, and believe stand up strong in setting a new agenda in the short-term credit industry.

The campaign launches our line ‘Tomorrow will be Sunny’ and positions Sunny as a stepping-stone to a brighter financial future.

The TV ads feature a launch ‘Manifesto’ ad to introduce the brand, and two further spots showing how a Sunny loan can help their customers overcome common challenges in every day life, such as Nick and Zoe who are a young couple moving house and Ben, a market trader running his own business. The ads were all shot on location, and the stories are based on insight from research.

To launch the campaign internally at the client’s offices today we organised barmen to go over to their 2 sites and make juicy Sunny mocktails, and sent some delicious branded cupcakes to go with them.

Looks like a lot of fun! Hope there are some leftovers…!

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