Friday, 6 February 2015


Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly… Raspberry is getting ready to go out with Dark Chocolate, and Toffee and Sea Salt are about to embark on a romantic weekend away…

While those love struck couples are falling head over heels about each other in anticipation of the big day, we at St Luke’s are anticipating a big day of a different kind….the launch of our new Divine print campaign which goes live today!

With so many different brand and flavours of chocolate to try, we wanted to bring to life Divine’s unique flavours by giving them their own personalities. The press ads show the different ingredients in the chocolate meet and fall in love, highlighting what a great match the flavours are together and how irresistible they will taste.

The new campaign line “a love that grows” not only highlights the love you experience for Divine when you try their range of flavours but also reflects the bigger story behind the brand. As a Fairtrade leader and pioneer, they are the only chocolate company that is co-owned by the cocoa farmers themselves – meaning that the farmers are committed and passionate about making the very best chocolate. Their motto “Pa-pa-pa”, meaning “the best of the best” epitomises this virtuous cycle that keeps on improving.

There are so many layers to be discovered within this inspiring organisation, I urge you to dig deeper into the Divine story whilst enjoying one of their 13 mouth watering flavours.

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