Monday, 8 September 2008


Distill is a new magazine that has just been launched which looks at every fashion and style publication across the world and pulls them all together in this bi-monthly magazine. The aim is to bring the most esoteric and household names together in one place for all to take inspiration from.

From the 'about' section on the website, "Each issue will contain Distill's selection - made by top creatives from all over the world - of the most beautiful and challenging fashion and style images to appear in print. The international Distill team not only includes those involved in the fashion business but creatives from a wide range of disciplines - all of whom have been chosen for the openness to new ideas and their sensitive understanding of the best visual approaches."

This is similar to the link I posted a few days ago for fashion-ation but in magazine form. I for one am planning to make the most of the 25% off subscription!


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If you'd like to see a copy, i've one on my desk. it's beautiful. al