Thursday, 4 September 2008

This week's news round-up (The pic has nothing to do with it - I just think it's brilliant!)

E4 are launching a mobile push ahead of the launch of the second Fonejacker series. Planned promotion includes the use of an online widget, and a mass Bluetooth campaign using Cineworld and Vue cinemas.
E4 have apparently been using Bluetooth for sometime now, deeming it to be effective.
Page 4 NMA 04.09.08

Dynamic Logic’s study into brand awareness have found that mobile advertising can raise brand awareness by 23.9%. The study focused on 21 campaigns including alcohol, Automotive, consumer electronics, FMCG, entertainment, financial services, retail, telecoms and travel. Mobile ads increased awareness in every sector.
Purchase intent also increased by 4.7% and brand favourability by 5.4%.
Page 11 NMA 04.09.08

Research conducted by digital consultancy Rawnet has revealed that 78% of consumers are put off by poor websites. The study looked at habits of more than 1,962 consumers finding that 86% researched a company online before deciding o use it, and 74% of the 1,962 were more likely to deal with a company if they had the relevant information on a single page.
Page 11 NMA 04.09.08

Virgin Mobile’s collaboration with Strongbow to give subscribers access to the VIP area at V-festival using a mobile barcode delivered by SMS was a success with the service use 6,000 times over the two-day festival.
Page 3 NMA 04.09.08

A softer touch is being taken in the advertising world with brands realizing they must treat women as part of their core marketing. Nintendo are beating Sony PlayStation as market leaders thanks to their approach of always including women in its core audience. They have focused on self-improvement, fitness, and nurturing rather than just the traditional competition based games.

This is a far cleverer approach to including women in their branding than the half-arsed efforts of brands simply offering fruit beers, pink packaging, or flowery sells. Nintendo are not alienating their male targets, merely shifting focus to include women as well.
Page 26 Marketing Magazine 03.09.08

Marketing Magazine (03.09.08) have a supplement focused on giving the “lowdown on experiential marketing from the leading players in the industry.” Well worth a gander.


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