Wednesday, 3 September 2008

smoking hell

For the first time since the smoking ban came into place I've been experiencing life as a non-smoker and I must say, what the hell? As a smoker I found the ban mildly annoying but as a non-smoker it is mental. Now all you non-smokers know this but I never realised the extent to which exposure to cigarette smoke has increased since the ban. Every time you go out you are running a gauntlet on the street outside every pub, cafe, restaurant, shop, tube station, doctor's surgery, office block and in all the bloody parks. Far from reducing the risk of passive smoking, the ban seems to have increased it. People actually take their kids out in this? What were we all thinking?

Surely a more sensible option would have been to ban smoking outdoors. People can choose whether they want to go into a bar or cafe, but you can't really choose whether or not to walk down a street.

Actually, I think that is what they did in Tokyo.



Anonymous said...

what happened to the other one?

Anonymous said...

is that spam?

Anonymous said...

That is spam. Nice rant Phil. What happened to make you suddenly cough this all up? (sorry). It is tru though, we've just relocated the smoke, not dealt with the issue. It is better not stinking of smoke when you come back from a night out, but I do seem to spend most of my time outside with my friends who smoke.