Monday, 11 August 2008

Ikea takes its showroom to the road!

While the arrival of the new Ikea catalog is a minor event for the 20-somethings everywhere, futon lovers in the Seattle area are getting a truly special delivery. The company plans to hand out more than 1 million copies of the 374-page catalog from its truck, which sports mobile as well as a glass-encapsulated living space furnished with Ikea products.
The truck, which runs on biodiesel and is owned by GoMobile Advertising, will continue making its rounds at fairs, festivals, and parades in the greater Puget Sound area through Sept. 1.

Separately, Chain Store Age reports that Ikea is deepening its commitment to green consumers, and will invest $77 million in start-up companies producing eco-friendly products, eventually adding products like solar panels and water purification systems. The company reportedly plans to bring the new products to market within three to four years.

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