Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Weekly News Round-up

On Phil's recommendation, I'm going to start putting my weekly news round-up on the blog. Here's last week's:

InBev have begun the search for a new global advertising agency for its Stella Artois brand after 26 years with Lowe London. The fallout came about in part as a result of the brewer’s recent appointment of Mother to handle the UK launch of Stella Artois 4%. The brand is looking to take their advertising in a new direction to end its link with binge-drinking and is considering taking a step back from its rural continental-themed advertising.
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The economic downturn may have hit airlines hard but airports are using savvy marketing to ensure their airport retail sales aren’t affected. “Global retail sales at airports are expected to grow to $30bn (£15bn) in 2008, up 11% from $27bn (£13.5bn) last year.” Such growth makes airports second only to online in terms of fastest-growing retail channel according to Verdict.
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‘VisitLondon’ is launching its first global ad campaign, ‘See the world, visit London’. The £4m campaign is set to coincide with the Olympic handover on 24 August.
Found in ‘Briefs’ Page 4 Marketing. 20/08/08

Green and Blacks are holding tasting sessions at the inaugural Deloitte Ignite festival at the Royal Opera House, 12-14 September.
‘Briefs’, page 12 Marketing. 20/08/08

Major brands are cutting the amount of product per spend they offer consumers. Pringles are down from 200g to 170g, Dairylea triangles reduced its 180g packs to 160g, Strongbow got rid of 3 cans per case reducing the size to 15 cans and Cadbury Dairy Milk is down to 230g from 250g. Trying to put a positive spin on the downsizing, former Britvic marketer-turned brand consultant Andrew Marsden says, “Given the rise in obesity levels, maybe having slightly less chocolate isn’t such a bad thing.” Not sure I agree with that one! Consumers will certainly be more reluctant to give away their last Rolo anymore now that the pack is shrinking from containing 11 Rolos to 10.
Page 17 of Marketing. 20/08/08

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