Friday, 8 August 2008

Whirled Peace

Ben & Jerry's has entered the world of social media

The brand that has long described its mission as "Peace, Love and Ice Cream" has launched a social media site/campaign titled "Imagine Whirled Peace"--tying in both with a new flavor, "Imagine Whirled Peace," and 2008's Peace Day on Sept. 21.

B&J worked with John Lennon's estate to secure rights to using his name on the new flavor. Peace Day, founded by filmmaker Jeremy Gilley in 1999, is an annual event organized by non-profit Peace One Day, which is marked by the member states of the United Nations with an official day of "global ceasefire and non-violence."

Visitors to the Imagine Whirled Peace site are asked to register their first name and last name initial, plus email address and city, in order to upload their "messages of peace" in preparation for Peace Day. They may also post their photos and other relevant images. A quick link for sharing the site with friends is provided.

The UGC site is being promoted to brand loyalists already on B&J's e-newsletter database, and also through paid search on Google, a registration form on Facebook, and on the brand's main Web site.
Its a great example of all the UGC action going on out there at the moment...


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