Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Listening Post

Interesting exhibition on in the Science Museum at the mo - Listening Post claims to be a "dynamic portrait of online communication" by voicing fragments of chat-room conversations filtered in several different ways.

This exhibition reminds me of the website I posted a while ago (We Feel Fine) and is another example of a creative way of representing how people interact online. I particularly like the idea of putting a voice (all-be-it an electronic one) to typed conversations. According to the Science Museum website, "The artwork is world renowned as a masterpiece of electronic and contemporary art and a monument to the ways we find to connect with each other and express our identities online."

And it's free... bonus!


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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. Art tying digital back to real world is really taking off at the moment. It's a brilliant example of how the virtual and physical worlds are coming back together after a long time apart. It's no longer the physical leading the digital, or the other way around, it's the relationship between them that's interesting.