Monday, 18 August 2008

Somers Town

Interesting article about this new Shane Meadows film. You may know some of the local haunts featured, but what not many people know, is that it's been funded by Eurostar...look out for the subtle (and apparently some not so subtle) signs throughout.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting brands are beginning to see the value in this kind of sponsorship. It's a much more subtle and user-friendly way of getting a brand message across. Since budgets in the film industry keep getting slashed by the studios, more and more film producers are looking for funding this way.
A similar thing is happening in the gaming industry. Brands can pay to sponsor a game and in return they get virtual advertising space.
This also taps into the argument for brands 'sponsoring' online conversations and content rather than shoe-horning display advertising into content. There's s till a place for the short, sharp campaign, but long-tail branding is increasingly winning the hearts of the consumer.

Anonymous said...

A good description of this sort of branding is Climating. The idea being to subtly locate the brand in contemporary culture without any hard sell tactics.

The brand should appear very naturally and realistically, as if it was there as a pure signifier helping locate the movie in the contemporary world. This is different to the more overt and clumsy tactics we often see nowadays, like James Bond switching to Smirnoff.