Tuesday, 6 January 2009

this is fun

I've been looking over some of last year's digital winners and although it's quite slow loading up, this website is definitely worth a look.

Agency Republic won Best Website at the Revolution awards for their 'a-to-s' Mercedes site. Did anyone own The Jolly Postman when they were small? This feels like the digital grown-up version.


Anonymous said...

Now thats a great website - Read the whole thing from A-S and walked away happy and satisfied. Will probably pass on to friends too.

PS - I also quite fancy buying a Merc now, anyone want to buy a Vespa for £30K?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful use of flash. Very playful - perfect for showing off the attributes of the car and the brand ethos. Although as a general rule I don't like flash sites, they are very good for branding and especially automotive. It's a shame you can;t get involved in some way.