Thursday, 8 January 2009

Welcome to your future

The Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest technology event of the year where historically brands showcase their innovations due to be released in the coming couple of years (the iPod was famously revealed here), kicked off with the launch of Microsoft 7.

They have announced a deal with Facebook which will stream live content from your FB account straight to your Microsoft Live software. This will ensure they have the "most social" software available in the world. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer said: "I believe our digital lives will only continue to get richer. There's no turning back from the connected world."

Last year, the CES was dedicated mostly to innovations of size - the thinnest widescreen TV, the smallest mobile devices and the HD/ Blu-ray debate.

So far on day 1, we've seen 3D TV, Hi-def laser broadcasting and spock-like visors for viewing programming, but mostly it's the relationship between TV and online that's dominating the conference.

Internet portal Yahoo unveiled a list of partners which will make high definition TV's to support its new online service.

These widgets, or small internet applications, will run alongside normal broadcast TV content but not over it. The TV remotes will have a one touch button that will call up the widget dock to give users access to snippets that can be used for keeping track of news, finance, sports, buying and selling on eBay, sharing photos and keeping up with friends via

Rich Ezekial of Yahoo's Connected Life team said it is all about making the world of TV more personal, tailored and social. Right on.

Keep your eyes peeled.

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