Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bouncing black balls

It seems someone has used bouncing balls to do something more creative than Juan Cabral's emotive ad and more worthy than make Sony a heap of cash.

While yesterday the world was ogling over the iPhone 3G black body, some people were just awing over black balls. 400,000 of them. Black balls everywhere, bouncing, swinging, cavorting, happily hopping down the side of the Ivanhoe Reservoir with two objectives. First, to fight bromate by stopping sunlight, which forms this carcinogenic component mixing the chlorine and bromide in the water. Second, to let me use "bouncy black balls" in a headline.


Anonymous said...

wow, that's awesome. Is there a youtube? said...

Brilliant. A piece of activism inspired by an ad which was maybe inspired by an original work of art.

Anonymous said...

what is it about the movement of balls that is so satisfying? (no sniggering).

wonder if the movement is similar to rainfall - researchers found watching cascading droplets relieves stress.

fountain in the courtyard anyone?