Monday, 9 June 2008

what's this web thing all about then?

so you've no doubt got web 1.0 - websites that don't do much. You can spot them 'cos you can't interact. You can't post comments, you can't personalise, you can't connect. Surprisingly there are still a lot out there.
Web 2.0 was all about interaction. Amazon, eBay, comment functions and a little bit of UGC (user generated content). V.1 MySpace came from this - users become broadcasters and a whole new generation of webbies were born. Facebook took the gauntlet and ran the marathon. It's a very friendly place where you can tell everyone about you and they can tell you right back. Brands fell on the wagon and bought themselves a piece of the conversation. Then users got savvy and ignored the widgets, gizmos and adverts that were thrown at them. Only the most useful stuck. Things that allow users to interact, plan, get information and share it.
That's where we are now. If you want to take anything away with you, it's this. Only the useful will survive.

by emily

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