Monday, 9 June 2008

why the flying cow?

the winged ox is the icon of St.Luke - the apostle we named our company after. We wanted a name that brought the ideas of creativity and curing together and St.Luke is patron saint of both artists and doctors. A bit grandiose - but there are very few problems out there that human creativity can't remedy.
St.Luke is also the patron saint of butchers - steak anyone?

by al

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Phil said...

I've never read the book but I'm pretty sure that in Dante's Inferno St Luke descends into hell on the back of a winged ox. Which might be interesting but explains nothing about the origons of the logo - unless you believe the craetive development process to be analagous with descents into hell.

However, my favourite interpretation of the winged ox is that it symbolizes the impossible becoming possible. Such a large beast could never fly but, somehow, it gets off the ground. Now that sounds more like it to me.