Monday, 9 June 2008

luxury brands not using online

a report by Forrester Research has revealed as many as two thirds of global luxury brands are not utilising the internet to sell their products online. The report, which was commissioned by Walpole, showed many brands are not cashing in on double-digit online sales growth, despite eight out of 10 global affluent consumers using the internet daily.
Furthermore, of those luxury brands which don't sell online which don't sell online, over half have no plans to join the online market. Reporter Victoria Bracewell Lewis stated responders who don't sell online argues it was "inappropriate" or that customers preffered the physical retail experience. However firms surveyed which sell online reported booming business, with internet sales up 17 per cent this year. Bracewell Lewis said brands such as LVMH, Orient Express and Net-a-porter are leading the luxury sector online. However, many lag behind. "Executives need to stop trying to duplicate the in-store experience online with poorly functional albeit glitzy sites; they should instead look for opportunities to help customers save time, research and order goods and services, and get assistance online," the author said. Executives working at 178 luxury brands from across the world were questioned, as published in City A.M. on Monday.

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by kathryn

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Phil said...

sounds right to me - the glitzy shop is great when I make my first purchase or I'm looking for new products, but when I simply want to make a repeat purchase I want a quick and functional website.