Monday, 9 June 2008

the power of many

if a tradition can be proscribed to something that's a mere decade old, then it would be this - we'll tell you. Thus far it has taken on the same ethos as newspapers and TV. We'll shout and stir and get in your face until you notice us - please notice us!
Well no more. The smart bets are on the people. It comes down to this. No matter how clever, friendly, fast or big you are, them out there are cleverer, friendly, faster and bigger. That's why wikipedia, flickr and youtube work. It's why opening the doors is better and more effective than building and repairing barricades. Use the people and the people will use you.
The new rules for collaboration - openness, peering, sharing and acting globally. Act now or suffer later. For more on this and other brilliant insights, read this -

by emily

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Drew Byrne said...

What we want to know is: “How to manipulate the manipulative without their knowing that they are being manipulated?”