Thursday, 12 June 2008


The Boomtown Rats didn't like Mondays but I personally find Wednesday the hardest. As mid week hits, you're so close yet so far to the long awaited weekend.
But here at St Luke's our lovely Quest certainly know how to crush those half way blues........

Around 3pm yesterday, we heard the unmistakable tinkling of some bizarre long forgotten nursery rhyme. As a ripple of pure excitement spread through the agency, an ice cream van pulled up at the door! After a cold treat we all went back to our desks refreshed - some a little hyper from the sugar.

I had two, yes two Zaps, which are quite frankly the best lolly ever and this reminder of childhood days gone by has cheered me up no end. Although I am a little disappointed about the lack of lolly stick jokes nowadays, what has happened to those?!
By Lucy Pink

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Black Pencil.


Anonymous said...

Yes, excellent idea. The noise is so effective. We should have some sound installations in the courtyard.

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