Thursday, 12 June 2008

we tell stories

Penguin have gone all interactive. They've got six authors to put together stories on the web using blogs, twitter and text etc. It'll be like a digital series as the stories unfold over time. Good idea, but where's the interaction? Wouldn't it be better if they could involve the audience?


Anonymous said...

lovely idea.

I agree - interaction would be a great touch.

Over to Waterstones who have come up with a nice campaign to celebrate the National Year of Reading.

Along with world class authors, the good old general public are invited to submit and design story cards online, the best of which will be published in a book.

a mere click away from being published...

Daniel said...

thats downright bloody brilliant.

Anonymous said...

hi there - thanks for posting about this project - there was actually a 7th story which was a light ARG - lots of interaction here including pub rendevouz, collaborative writing and a trail through St Pancras Station. You can read all about this aspect of the story at the unfiction forum