Thursday, 19 June 2008


For those who may not know, a podcast is an online pre recorded radio show and is fast becoming one of the easiest and most popular ways of listening to programmes whenever and wherever you like.
And now St Lukes have a podcast of their very own!
Non - St Lukers may not know about the fantastic culture we have here in Dukes Road amongst our staff and this first episode will give a little insight into what we get up to...
We work hard but we play hard too. We have no end of fun and now you through the wonder of podcasting everyone can get a sneak peek into life at St Lukes
Expect Cake offs, cultural recommendations and a hidden talent of a staff member is exposed
More to come, enjoy y'all

Lucy Pink xxxxx


Anonymous said...

this is great x

Anonymous said...

Lucy Pink is the voice of a new generation on the radio....