Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Red or Dead

Hey All , I present to you an opportunity to bring out the communist in you! Sign up to be part of "Team Subterranea"! I'm aware that some of you have had the wild and crazy idea of transforming part of the basement into a recreation area. I need volunteers to 'man up' and help out! Once "Team Subterranea" is assembled we can get the area to the left of the basement cleared. I’ll get cleaners in to make it all sparkling! Are you with me people? Please post any ideas on how we can make the space groovy and happening. Yours in solidarity – Delphina x (power to the people)!


Anonymous said...

i am in. I think we need a projector, some good sofas. Good blankets and a juke box.

Anonymous said...

I'll help. What's the plan?